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Some Information About Drilling Equipment Working Principle

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In order to improve the system from the rig under drilling, casing and drilling pressure control, sending drilling rig equipped with a lifting device, mainly by winches, auxiliary brake, traveling system, derrick and other components. Derrick is an important part of the drilling equipment to improve the system. It is a metal structure having a certain height and space, and has a better overall stability.

Swimming system rig lifting equipment of the drilling equipment are the crane, amusement cars and a large hook with a rope connecting them together, thus form a complex pulley system. Shape for the structure of car travel for drilling equipment is streamlined with a mandrel pulley shaft in a row, its structure and crane similar. The main structure of drilling equipment working principle are hook rig and swimming both systems, but also the coupling faucet parts. At present, China uses the hook there are two categories, one is a single hook, which put the ring hanging on the traveling block of rings, traveling block with separate entry, such as DG-350 type and DG2-130 type of hook ; Another is to make traveling block and hook traveling block hook a whole structure, such as YD-125 -type hook blocks. DG2-130 -type hook body mainly by hook, hook base and bails of three parts. YD-125 type of traveling mainly by the pulley hook, left and right side panels, leptospirosis, springs and other components.

Hoist winch equipment of drilling equipment constitutes a major upgrade system is composed of a core component of the rig, is one of the rig’s main work machine.

Drilling Equipment Winch function are following as (1) offers several different lifting speed and lifting quality to meet the start of the next drill and casing needs. (2) Hanging stationary drill, drill string in turn feed into the process with drill press control. Most all of the hottest and most professional document class resource library can sweep the structure and composition of the drilling equipment winch heavy lifting is actually a common winch consists of the following system components : (1) support system : the welded frame bracket or closed tank shell and the base frame. (2) Transmission: the three axes, namely, the drive shaft, the shaft owl, roller shaft. (3) Control system: including jaw, teeth, pneumatic clutches, driller console, control valves and other items. (4) Braking system: the brake system, including brake handle, brakes, Brake assist brakes. (5) Winch system: including the main drum, vice rollers, and other various owl roll rope hoisting device. (6) Lubrication and cooling systems: lubrication with butter, drip, splash or forced lubrication several.

The inspection of drilling equipment checks must take off before drilling equipment winch and have a manned air power switch, drilling equipment working principle and then take the wrench and crowbar. (1) Check the fixing of the winch. 4 pros screw balanced tension winch should be between the two pressure pads wooden staves and base, with eight circular tighten the screws evenly, One linkage between the winch and the top bar top tight machine, winch three -axis fixed firmly without rattling. JC-45, TF-38 winch mounting screws should be fully tightened, with the top bar top tight linkage between the winch and the drilling equipment. (2) check bearings, sprockets, fork and Dipstick Oil and oil. All parts of the winch lubricating grease fittings complete smooth, timely note accordance with the provisions of butter, the amount of oil to the oil gauge prevail without significant deterioration, fork screws complete, pick up and flexible. Check the auxiliary brake (3) hanging hook is flexible, water lines, smooth non-drip valve. (4) Check the chain should be no serious wear, broken off pieces and bushings, lubricating the road should be smooth and regular refueling. (5) Check the brake crank, balance beam, cooling water.

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