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Some Information About Choose Mud Agitator

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The main models of mud agitator designed, developed and produced by the company are JB/W22, JB/W3, JB/W18.5, JB/W15, JB/W11, JB/W7.5, JB/W5.5 and JB/W2.2. For different types of model, they have different motor power, motor speed, impeller speed, impeller discharge, impeller diameter, weight (excluding shaft) and dimension (excluding shaft).

Now we match parameters of different types of the mud agitators. Here we just introduce some kinds of mud agitators specifically.

For the model JB/W22, it has 2.2 kw of motor power. For the machine of 50 Hz of frequency, it can reach the mo tor speed of 1420 rpm and impeller speed of 51 rpm or 71 rpm. For that of 60 Hz, 1740 rpm and 70 rpm are the maximum motor speed and the impeller speed, respectively. The situation of speed available is the same as that of JB/W3. Impeller discharge is signed as 2870 lpm. Moreover, for the weight except for the shaft, the machine is 135 kg.

As for the JB/W3, it has 3 kw of motor power. The situation of motor speed and impeller speed has been mentioned above. What is more, JB/W3 has 7800 lpm of impeller discharge.

JB/W5.5 can run 5.5 kw of motor power. It has 1440 rpm of motor speed for 50 Hz of frequency and 1750 rpm for 60 Hz of frequency. As for the impeller speed, it has two values, 58 rpm and 72 rpm for different situation. So does JB/W7.5. Those above are for the machine of 50 Hz. As for that of 60Hz, values of JB/W22, JB/W3, JB/W5.5 and JB/W7.5 are exactly the same, 70 rpm. For the impeller discharge, 11870 lpm and 15710 lpm are the parameter for the mud agitators of JB/W5.5 and JB/W7.5.

As for other types of mud agitators, information about them is posted on some websites, which is not hard to find.

For different components in the choose mud agitator, they all have different types themselves.

For Agitator Mounting, there are horizontally mounted agitator and vertically mounted agitator. Additionally, there are mechanical seal and packing seal for agitating shaft seal. And agitator impellers are categorized into two types, radical flow impeller and axial flow impeller. For impeller blades, there are flat blade impeller and canted blade impeller as well as contour blade impeller.

Here we can introduce a kind of a mud agitator, the brant screen mud agitator, specifically. The working principle of the choose mud agitator is very complicated to operate on with a lot of elements. The impeller of the brant screen mud agitator is able to make the stirring fluid create vortex movement to strengthen the stirring effect. Moreover, the tray between the blades can prevent the mud solid particles from being deposited around the lower leaf after closing down, which is able to reduce the drag torque that the sediment to the blades when starting, so that to avoid burning out the electric machine due to starting overload.

The clients can choose the mud agitators, matching their specific requirements with all sorts of parameter and description of the different kinds of mud agitators listed. If so, successfully choosing a satisfactory product is not a difficult deal.

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