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Solvedrilling Shows Vertical Cutting Dryer in CIPPE 2015

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With the last 16 years, Solvedrilling as the leadership manufacture of solid control system and drilling waste management system in China, we has wined a popular marketing all over the world with our reliable performance and high-cost effective price.

Slvedriling Lastes Blending Skid Unit

In the past few years, Solvedrilling focused new and smart power to research drilling waste management, downhole tools, blending skid unit, etc. we are very glad that the latest drilling waste management has been researched and manufactured successfully. Luckily, we have showed the core equipment of the whole drilling waste management, Vertical cutting dryer, in the CIPPE 2015.

Solvedrilling shows blending skid unit in CIPPE 2015

As the largest petroleum exhibition in China, CIPPE attractive couples of oil and gas industry suppliers all over the world. Generally, most of the exhibiting companies provide the solid control equipment with old product style. This time, Solvedrilling brings latest vertical cutting dryer (the core part and equipment for drilling waste management), hydraulic centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge, blending skid unit, etc. We do hope the friends all over the world could get more new sight in our Solvedrilling stand.

We mentioned vertical cutting dryer and drilling waste management above, maybe you want to know what the function of the cutting dryer is or the drilling waste management is. So here Solvedrilling will provide you a simple description.

1. High Effective: Just as we know that drilling fluids are a costly part in drilling budget, and it is also harmful for the around environment, so we need our drilling waste management to solve this situation. With Solvedrilling system, the most of usable drilling fluids which stick on the drilling cuttings from shale shaker & vacuum degasser & desander & desilter & mud tank can be recovered for reuse

2. East to transport the drilling wastes to mud plant. Generally speaking, the drilling wastes is harmful for the environment, we need transport the drilling waste to pointed plant, protecting the drilling field’s environment. With Solvedrilling drilling waste management, we could solve this problem easily and have a good protection for the environment.

Besides the cutting dryer of the whole drilling waste management, Solvedrilling new oil and gas drilling systems contain solid control unit, downhole tools, blending unit… In 2015, Solvedrilling will bring you more splendidness.

If you are interested in our cutting dryer or the whole drilling waste management or other solid control unit, please feel free to contact us, Solvedrilling will provide you the best service and high quality guaranteed products.
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