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Solids Control Equipment with a Closed Loop System

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It has been reported that engineers and machinery builders have made advances in the solid control equipment types by creating a closed loop system. This system is said to help reduce the carbon footprint in the oil drilling process and prevent the drilling fluids from spilling. As a matter of fact, some solid control equipment manufacturers have been experimenting or considering the implementation of closed loop systems. Cutting edge centrifuges are essential parts of the solid control equipment. They offer precise control over the separation process to accommodate variations in the loading of solids and the control of the material sizes to maximize solids control. Moreover, they not only can help produce cleaner effluent in high-volume processing but also run efficiently at high speeds for prolonged periods to ensure the high quality of the finished products as well as the high productivity of the oil drilling project. What is more, the rugged construction and the corrosion-resistant materials of the solid control equipment ensure a long service life and low maintenance costs even in the most demanding oilfield environments.

Practice has proved that if solids control techniques are properly utilized, the drilling costs, the maintenance fees, and the cleanup cost can be drastically reduced. And the adoption of advanced stack sizer can help reduce the production cost as well. As a matter of fact, advanced stack sizer has the advantages of great versatility and high efficiency. It can be combined with desanders, desilters or both to process a whole range of fluid systems. And the service life of the equipment can be greatly extended while the cost on the maintenance, repair, or replacement can be largely reduced as the rate of penetration is improved and the chances of stuck pipe are lowered. Cutting edge solid control equipment is capable of efficiently removing particles with the diameter ranging from 15 microns to 20 microns in order to help meet the ever stricter environmental regulations and to minimize the waste generated.

It can be concluded that cutting edge solid control equipment can greatly improve the efficiency of solids removal while maintaining high drilling fluid integrity. In fact a number of scientists and engineers are devoted to the research and development of integrated advanced solids control technologies to optimize the drilling efficiencies through the reduction of fluid losses and oil drilling costs as a whole. Therefore, increasingly developed solid control equipment has been designed to improve the drilling rates. As importantly, the new generation solids control equipment is capable of considerably reducing the environmental footprint of the oil drilling operation. At the same time, the solids control equipment can be constructed in unique ways to meet the specific operational and environment requirements according to the different working conditions of the oil drilling projects.

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