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Solid Control System Characteristics in Petro Drilling Industry

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Solid control system is playing an indispensable role in many fields such as petro drilling industry. Different kinds have their specific solid control equipment characteristics .This article will illustrate a brief description of solid control system characteristics in petro drilling industry.

Petroleum solid control system, also called the mud purification system sometimes, is mainly for oil drilling fluid solids control and separation, can realize drilling fluid recycling use. Drilling fluid solids control system in petro drilling industry mainly includes the three following parts: drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling fluid purification treatment equipment and electric control equipment. The drilling fluid purification treatment equipment has different kinds, vibrating screen, desander, deciliter, degasser, centrifuge, mixer and sand pump are the main types commonly seen in petro drilling industry. For the environmental sensitive area, we should also equipment with configure drilling cuttings recycling and waste liquid processing equipment. Learning the components of solid control system in petro drilling industry can help us to know about solid control system characteristics.

It is important to note that there is a current trend to adopt solid control expert system in the development of solid control equipment, using computer and precision instrument to monitor drilling fluid automatically, which is one of main solid control system characteristics in petro drilling industry. Solid control expert system is mainly used for the design and evaluation of solids control equipment, and automatic monitoring system is also indispensable to optimize the solids control equipment.

When choosing vibrating screen, in addition to choose suitable mesh according to solid phase particle size distribution, we should also consider another important factor: the licensing processing. Equipped with polyurethane screen, the shale shaker’s processing capacity should be able to adapt to the biggest displacement in the process of drilling. As a result, when equipped with vibrating screen, we need to learn more about the material, processing technology, processing precision, and supporting the use of general equipment, rather than pay attention to the technical parameters marked only.

According to the solid control system characteristics referred above, we ought to choose vibrating screen with superb design and reasonable structure, and select right vibrating screen number and screen mesh size according to the performance of the drilling fluid. What’s more, selecting deciliters with good performance and reasonable supporting parameters is also necessary, and then using the series of process, we can ensure the best effect of desanding and desilting, which can realize the cost reduction indirectly. Learning some new solid control system characteristics can offer us practical guidance when making a reasonable choice.

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