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Solid Control Equipment Functions in Petroleum Drilling Industry

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Solids control equipment is used to drill fluid solid phase composition, so it is an important component of the sludge treatment equipment. Drilling fluid desander is secondary solid control equipment dealing with drilling fluid. In recent years, the domestic study of solid control equipment theory and manufacturing technology have improved a lot, especially in the aspect of theoretical research has been at or near the world's advanced level. Different solid control equipment functions exist in different types of solid control equipment.

The basic solid control equipment function is to solid control equipment in drilling fluid. The increasing solid content in drilling fluid will reduce the rate of penetration significantly, which may lead to a serious drilling accident sometimes, thus making a sharp rise in the total cost for enterprises. Tests and surveys conducted by researches have showed that for every 1% below the solid content, drilling speed will be increased by 10% at least, and the smaller the particle, the greater the effect will be on the rate of penetration. Removing the harmful solid phase, solid control equipment can ensure that the drilling will be operating smoothly for a long time.

Safety is the lifeline of industrial production. The solid control equipment functions also include ensuring the safety of drilling and preventing accidents. Both economic efficiency and security are the fundamental tasks of enterprises. Safety is the premise and foundation to increase economic efficiency. If there were no security, there would be no benefits. We should take the safety of the enterprise as a kind of responsibility, we also must spare no efforts to eliminate hidden dangers and avoid potential accidents. One of the important solid control equipment functions is to ensure the safe production, which can reduce the direct losses of economic efficiency largely.

What’s more, saving energy and reducing pollution also embody the solid control equipment functions. China's rapid economic growth and the large scale of construction have made great achievements in recent years, but we must admit that we human all have paid a price for that. The rapid progress has lead to much resource wasting and serious environmental protection problems. The increasing contradiction between economic progress and resources reservation has became shaper than ever before, we must take immediate action to deal with this dilemma. Petroleum is a kind of non-renewable resources, and it is indispensable for our industry. So the solid control equipment functions referred above are of vital importance in terms of environmental protection and resource-saving in petroleum drilling industry.

In the future, we should develop environmental protection solids control equipment special for drilling, enriching the types of solids control equipment in our country and promote the diversification of solid control equipment functions.

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