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Sketch of Characteristics of Vacuum Degasser

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Vacuum degasser is the device which uses vacuum suction effect to eliminate foul gas in the feed liquid. It is the essential device of the material production line such as dairy, juice, etc. This text will focus on stating the characteristics of vacuum degasser.

Technical characteristics of vacuum degasser

1. We can adjust the working hour and cycle of vacuum degasser to meet our various demands.

2. The device is convenient to install. Operate automatically. It is safe and reliable and easy to maintenance.

Vacuum degasser characteristics of working principle:

The water circulation system should be put into the vacuum environment, so that the free gas and dissolved gas in the liquid can be released. Later, this part of liquid will be injected into the water circulation system. After several times of this process, the free gas and dissolved gas will be removed.

Vacuum degasser characteristics of system operation:

1. Remove the gas in the system. Prevent the gas resistance. Ensure the system stable and reliable during the working time.

2. Eliminate water pump cavitations. Lower the noise when system is running.

Vacuum degasser characteristics of working process:

We can preset the degassing process so that the vacuum degasser can operate automatically. The degassing process can be divided into two phases which are inflow phase and vacuum phase.

Vacuum degasser characteristics of operating condition

Vacuum degasser is suitable for water recycling system or water-glycol (less than 40%) mixture system.

Vacuum degasser characteristics of security assurance

There must be a professional to install and maintain the device.

To ensure safety, cut off the power source and water pressure before the device starts.

The body contains heating components. Please be sure to start cold.

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