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Sketch of Characteristics of Mud Agitator

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Decanter centrifuge and mud agitator are electrical equipments of solids control area. Among the Decanter centrifuge, there is a de-1000 decanter centrifuge which has been used widely. Mud agitator is the drilling mud solid control system of drilling fluid in order to maintain the evenness of drilling fluid and suspend the solid particles. This text will focus on stating the characteristics of mud agitator.

Mud agitator characteristics of structure:

1. Use circular cylindrical worm reducer. Its shaft section is circular cylindrical worm. The worm gear tooth profile is a circle which is conjugate with the worm.

2. It has a big stirring intensity, a wide spread range and reduces the torque.

3. The electrical machine is places horizontal and it is easy to install, adjust and change.

Classification and characteristics of mud agitator:

There are four parts that make of the transmission structure of mud agitator : motor, speed reducer, coupling and stirring shaft. The most common mud agitator doesn’t have many forms.

1. Characteristics of mud agitator with gear transmission structure

The advantage is high transmission efficiency. The disadvantages are large volume and difficult to repair. Gear drive can be divided into direct drive and belt drive.

2. Characteristics of mud agitator with bevel gear transmission structure

Its advantage is simple structure. But it has more disadvantages. For example, because of the limit of transmission ratio, we have to do a major slowdown through belt pulley to obtain low-speed revolution mud agitator. It turns out not only low efficiency, but also big volume.

3. Characteristics of mud agitator with cycloid gear transmission structure

Beside its poor reliability, it is too high to be broken. This structure has been seldom used in mud agitator.

4. Characteristics of mud agitator with worm gear transmission structure

This structure is simple. Its gear ratio is big and reliability performance is high. It is the most common used structure. Even though it has a big volume, it has a soft drive. It is good for the protection of motor overload. So it has been chosen by more and more domestic users.

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