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Simple Train for Mud Agitator Buyers

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To have simple train for mud agitator buyers,we must know its use:

Portable mud agitator is mainly used in the coal mine fire prevention and fire extinguishing grouting, belongs to a special purpose equipment that used for coal mine fire prevention and extinguishing.

To have simple train for mud agitator buyers,we must know the application background:

In the coal mine production, due to there are alot of coal in goaf of coal mine, might occur spontaneous combustion during the period of stoping goaf coal spontaneous combustion, especially when the working face advancing speed gets slow, the spontaneous combustion risk is bigger, so we must adopt corresponding fire prevention and fire extinguishing measures.Fire-fighting measures that mine adopts are yellow grouting, the goaf grouting nitrogen injection, etc., of which we usually use yellow grouting method. Grouting is a routine measure of fire prevention in the process of mining, which has the advantages of economic, convenient, reliable. Yellow grouting technology is mature, and grouting fire extinguishing effect is long-term and reliable so it is the first choice for preventing and extinguishing methods.

At present, most of the mine applies the yellow earth filling station; through a variety of pipeline to the site of the grouting method.The main drawback of this approach is yellow grouting needs long pipeline, which can easily get block in the transmission process, and yellow mud in savings pool can easy precipitation. When draw out the mud pump hose into the savings pool and then pull out, there will be leakage penononmen in the extraction process, such as untight seal.

Because we usually use yellow mud filling stations and grouting method and equipment through a variety of pipe to the scene, at present we usually use lag working face goaf grouting and to closed wall fixed-point grouting. But with the development of mud cleaner prevention technology constantly updated, the mining after filling and filling after mining have become the dominant forms of fire prevention and fire extinguishing. The new fire prevention and fire extinguishing technology will play an important role in coal mine safety production. Now the fire-extinguishing system is difficult to satisfy with the mining with filling and grouting of the new technology of fire prevention and firefighting, the integrated application of new technology, therefore, we need to modify current grouting system.

To have simple train for mud agitator buyers, we must know the structure of the product:

Portable mud agitator is made up by frame, mixing tank, mixing motor, reducer, blade, mud pump, mud pump motor, control cabinet, universal casters, mixing tank, mud pumps, mud pump motor and multiple universal casters, mixing motor and speed reducer is installed on the top of the tank. The mud pump motor of portable mud agitator is explosion-proof motor, the control part is explosion-proof control cabinet.

To have simple train for mud agitator buyers, we must know the product features: Portable mud agitator mixing integration of mine fire is a kind of control device, it has advantages of easy to move, simple connection, fast in fire extinguishing and selection of low cost, wide material sources, it can meet different types of coal mine fire and using different fire extinguishing material for the need of preventing and extinguishing the fire.

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