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Simple Train for Mission Pump Users

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It can help the users use the mission pump better to learn about its working principle and several points that need to notice. The users will know how to maintain it while using it, which can prolong its service life and make it keep a good working condition. Therefore, simple train for Mission pump users is important and necessary.

For the start, it’s essential to learn about the working principle of mission pump. The mission pump works with two gears rotating. It doesn’t have high requirements on medium. There is a pair of rotating gears that one is an active and another is a passive in the pump body. The two gears separate the whole work cavity of the pump in two parts. When mission pump is in operation, the passive gear is driven by active gear. When the gears is in mesh, liquid is extruded, which form a high-pressure liquid and discharge the liquid from the pump outlet.

Besides, there are several tips the users need to notice so as to prolong the usage life of mission pump. The users need to add grease into pump regularly. The electric pump operates in a high speed, and grease is easy to volatile. Therefore grease in bearings must be kept clean and be added or changed regularly. The users need pay extra attention to preservation. It should be placed in dry, clean and no corrosive gas environment. If mission pump hasn’t been used for long term or is used in moist environment, the users must the use ohmmeter with 500 volts to test insulation resistance. When insulation resistance between winding and the motor shell is less than seven mega-ohms, users must dry the winding. While dismantling the mission pump, the users should keep each parts and replacement parts well. It’s important to pay special attention to the flameproof surface of flameproof parts, which the insulating liner and casing can not be damaged. If damaged, users must replace with the same components. You mustn’t use the substitute materials that are worse than the property of original material or the original components whose specification isn’t same with the original one. When assembling, all parts need to be installed to the original position.

The mission pump is prohibited to run without water. The users shouldn’t reduce emissions through adjusting the suction port. The machine is banned from running at low flow rate. The operation process need to be monitored, which can completely stop stuffing box leakage. When packing box need to be replaced, you’d better use the new packing. You need ensure that the machine is sealed completely and there is enough water that is used to wash. But you need to notice water-cooled bearing shouldn’t be washed by excess water. You’d better check mission pump according to the recommended period and establish the operation records including hours of operation, adjustment and replacement of filler, the time of filling lubricant and taking other maintenance measures. You should also regularly measure and record suction, discharge pressure, flow rate, input power, bearing temperature and vibration of mission pump.

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