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Simple Train for Desander Users Cannot Be Ignored

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In the process of extract oil from the deep underground, the selection of useful machines is quite important. Only a useful and efficient machine can bring about a quick and efficient result—clean oil. And there is no denying that the Desander is the best choice of the useful and efficient machines used in the extraction of the oil from the deep underground. The solid control system is not a single machine but a combination. It includes mission pump, desander and so on. All the components of the solid control system put all their efforts on the process and as a result, the oil extracted through the solid control system is always clean and brings about big profit.

In the solid system, while mission pump is used to transport water or mud under a constant high pressure into the deep hole in order to cool down high-temperature tip and clean the rock pieces to the surface, the simple train for desander users is utilized to separate the cleaned rock pieces from the water in order to circularly take advantage of the water. From the aspect of the green policy and cost of the process of extracting oil from the deep underground, the desander is too important that we can never ignore. However, the progress of use of the desander is not so simple that workers should have the knowledge of the desander before using it.

Workers should know the principle of the desander. When water used to cool down high-temperature tips and bring rock pieces out is induced into the entrance of the desander under constant pressure, the water would bring about vigorous rotation. Thanks to the different densities of the sand, under the total effect of the centrifugal force,shale shaker force and buoyancy, water with the lower density rises up and leaves from the exits, while the sand with higher density expels from drain outlet which is in the bottom of the equipment. Finally, the water and sand are efficiently separated. The working principle of the desander is more difficult and complicated than that of mission pump.

Worker should know the specificity of the desander. The simple structure must be the biggest advantage of the desander. Because of the property of the simple structure, the desander is easy to operate and it is also safe to use. What’s more, maintenance of the desander is seldom needed. The desander has a really small volume but an amazing processing capacity. In conclusion, the desander saves the space the site. Moreover, how to continuously clean the sand within the water in the process of applying water is the hot question. And the desander makes it! Yes, the desander can clean the sand in the water in the application of the water. Last but not least, the desander also avoids second water pollution in order to increase the efficiency of the cleaning of the sand.

In conclusion, the desander is the important equipment in the solid control system so that workers should pay attention to the working principle and specificity of the desander. Only with better knowledge of the desander, the workers can have the better efficiency and also the industry can save the cost during the production process.

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