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Simple Train for DE-1000 Decanter Centrifuge Users

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Decanter centrifuge such as de-1000 decanter centrifuge has been widely used in many famous petroleum exploration companies.Make some simple train for decanter centrifuge users has a lot of benefits for users when using them such as DE-1000 decanter centrifuge. As long as when users operate DE-1000 decanter centrifuge rightly, companies can improve their profits. So as we can see, do some simple train for decanter centrifuge users is significance. The following is something about some simple train for decanter centrifuge users.

1.The installation simple train for decanter centrifuge usersA) Transport should pay attention to safety insure that the equipment won’t be damaged;B) The former of installation check (transportation support, the rubber bearing base, screw thread, the required tool);C) The installation sequence (inner cylinder bearing, belts, hydraulic manifold);D) Installation considerations (centrifuge flushing pipeline, solid washing line, cleaning line for pump, solid emission angle, the choice of cable for the import of seal, for pump, water filter)

2 The test run simple train for decanter centrifuge usersA) When end of the DE-1000 decanter centrifuge installation, give it a overhaul;B) Determine weather the centrifuge tube rotational freedom;C) Determine weather the centrifuge rotation in the right direction;D) Make sure all fixed a completely fixed;E) Test run the DE-1000 decanter centrifuge

3.Basic operation simple train for decanter centrifuge usersA) the start order of DE-1000 decanter centrifuge;B) Check the operation condition of equipment (such as noise, vibration, abnormal);C) Observed discharge solid state of wet and dry;D) Appropriate adjustments according to the solid dry wet conditions (into the fluid volume, the depth of the inner cylinder liquid);E) According to the mud fluid are adjusted by the amount of solid content;F) According to the requirements of the processing after the mud weight to choose the appropriate pulley;G) The stop order of DE-1000 decanter centrifuge

Basic maintenance simple train for decanter centrifuge usersA) The daily maintenance of main bearing at the ends of DE-1000 decanter centrifuge;B) The gear box bearing maintenance of DE-1000 decanter centrifuge;C) Within the cylinder bearing maintenance;D) Outside tube wear-resistant parts, cleaning the body of DE-1000 decanter centrifuge

Maintenance should pay attention to mattersA) Equipment maintenance should be done by an electrician or mechanic to guide professional;B) Are not allowed in welding equipment increase or burnish of punching parts to remove device itself;C) Maintenance should be maintained on equipment regular inspection form and check all the parts: to thoroughly clean the equipment, then check that the presence of loose, the wear degree of easy worn parts, surface had potholes, leaks or cracks and etc;D) We should always observe the equipment wear and corrosion;E) Timely replacement of damaged equipment nameplate;F) Any replacement parts, especially the disassembling bearing must be in a clean place;G) Assembly equipment must pay attention to the equipment parts on the tag, make it must be in the original position to ensure the dynamic balance of the equipment.

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