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Shale Shaker – the Most Import Part of solid control System

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Solid control system is assembled by three to seven tanks modularly combined. And the shale shaker is one of the most important parts of the solid control system.

Shale shaker is the first level equipment for the separation between solid and drilling fluid, which is aimed to remove a large quantity of drill cuttings. According to the movement locus of the griddle, shale shaker is classified into three types: straight vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen and circle vibrating screen. Furthermore, screen is divided into two kinds: square hole screen and slotted screen and the slotted screen has more advantages than the square hole screen. What’s more, steel wire screen has an amazingly short life and is easy to happen blocking.

Thanks to the real importance of the shale shaker in the solid control system , the accurate and careful use of shale shaker is quite necessary. In terms of the storage, when shale shaker is delivered to the site, it can’t be directly put on the ground but must be stably laid on the smooth sleeper which is not high less than 250mm from the ground. When it comes to the notices for the use, the basis of the use is that the install of the shale shaker must be correct and the voltage and frequency of the battery must accord with the requirement of the shale shaker. And then, the degree of tensioning and the size of the hole must be appropriate so that drilling liquid can cover up to 70-80% of the area of the screen. The utility piping must usually be washed to prevent the solid from blocking the whole of the screen. Last but not least, the daily maintenance of the shale shaker is also important. Only can a professional maintenance of the shale shaker prolong the life of the shale shaker but also the life of the solid control system. Before starting the shale shaker, whether thick net or thin net is damaged or not, whether clamps are tightly locked or not and whether the V type circle of the reel is damaged or not must be examined. If there is damage on the V type circle, V type circle must be repaired in time in order to avoid drilling fluid leaking. When starting the shale shaker, worker should pay attention to the abnormal noise of the shale shaker, the unstable current and unusual shaking. After used, the shale shaker must be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, the shale shaker plays a profoundly important role in the solid control system so that the shale shaker needs accurate and careful care. The better care the shale shaker has, the longer life and more efficient work the shale shaker has so that the solid control system has a longer life and more efficient work.

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