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Shaker Status’s Development at Domestic and Aboard

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From the beginning of the 16th century, the foreign countries began to have research and production of VSM shaker machine. In the 18th century during the industrial revolution in Europe, the screening machinery had a rapid development, to this century, screening machinery developed to a higher level. Germany offers more than 260 kinds of series of all varieties of screening equipment, superb technical level, the higher degree of generalization. American used a different speed vibration exciter, developed a dual-frequency sieve, and there was one type was driven by a high-speed motor, three-way splitter to feed the VSM shaker machine. Due to the slow industrial development, the foundation was weak, theoretical research and technology were behind of other countries, the VSM shaker development of our country began nearly 50 years of this century, that could be roughly divided into three stages:

1. The imitation stage. In the 1950s, China’s screening equipment was relatively backward. During this period, , led by Luoyang mining machinery plant, several manufacturing units mainly imitated the ГУП series circular VSM shaker, BKT-11, BKT-OMZ-type shaker screen former Soviet Union. Imitation success of these VSM shaker machines, initially laid the foundation of our country’s shaker machinery, and trained a group of technical person.

2. Own research stage. From 1966 to 1980, a number of research units were designed to form a coalition group, developed a number of excellent performance new VSM shaker equipment. Such as 1500mm×3000mm heavy shaker and series; 15m2 and 30m2 resonance shaker series; coal uniaxial and biaxial shaker series; YK and ZKB self-synchronous linear vibrating shaker series; the same thickness and probability shaker series; hot and cold griddle shaker series.

3. The introduction and improvement stage. To the reform and opening up 80’s, our shaker machines have entered a new stage of development. Not only introduce the advanced shaker products from developed countries, at the same time, dispatched professional and technical person to the United States and Germany for technical inspection, and had introduction of technology. Transformed the advanced VSM shaker into domestic series, and successfully developed dynamic probability VSM shaker series, rotating probability shaker series. Completed the box vibration exciter thickness shaker series, self-synchronizing heavy thickness shaker series, heavy cold griddle series, relaxation shaker, spiral three sections shaker’s research, and succeed.

Some experts had various studies on VSM shaker performance. Some finite element model for large-scale cold mineral VSM shaker, and had structural dynamics analysis on it, based on the analysis results, proposed a new structure improvement program in order to solve the problem of VSM shaker box intensity, and it effectively reducing the shaker stress value. A professor from University of North used ADAMS software simulated he effects of using speed and quality of the eccentric weight to VSM shaker motion characteristics, assessed and predicted the sieve ability of VSM shaker.

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