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Shaker Screen of Mission Pump Importers

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XZS being series of Shaker screen of mission pump importers rotary vibration sieve is in S49 series rotary vibration sieve, on the basis of absorbing advanced technology both at home and abroad, and the use of advanced processing technology and design of high precision screen filter machine, it is based on vertical vibration motor or special vibrator vibration source, vertical vibration motor (or vibrator).

On the bottom is equipped with eccentric hammer, produces horizontal, vertical, inclined three dimensional movements, by adjusting the shaker screen of mission pump importers of upper and lower eccentric hammer, the trajectories of change material on the screen to achieve the purpose of screening of various materials. This product is applicable to any powder, granule, liquid screening and filtering industry. Widely used in chemical industry, medicine powder, liquid, paint, oil, resin, pigments, cosmetics, ceramic slurry, clay mud, lime powder, refractory material, metallurgical powder, magnetic powder, polishing powder, juice, beverage, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, spices, milk powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, lithium carbonate, solvent, fire extinguishing agent and the environmental protection industry sewage, waste water treatment process in the process of screening and filtering. Special XZS shaker screen of mission pump importers rotary vibration sieve vibration form, material movement and amplitude can be adjusted, meet different.

The technological requirement, any granule, powder, slurry sieve filtration; High screening efficiency, as well as general classification, but also to carry on the fine screening or filtering; Small volume, light weight, easy installation and moving Derrick Screen of mission pump importers and unique design, easy to replace the net, long service life, easy clean, simple operation and so on; Fully enclosed, without powder

Dust overflow scattered, which is beneficial to improve working conditions; Coarse and fine material automatic grading education, can realize automation operation; Discharging mouth around the axis of 360 ° any Settings, facilitate the arrangement of equipment; Small energy consumption, low noise, and meet the requirements of energy-saving, environmental protection; Maintenance is simple and can be used single layer or multi-layer. Xinxiang Youngling shaker screen of mission pump importers, LTD is one professional manufacturer of mechanical vibration, has a well-equipped, strong technical force, complete detection means, perfect after-sales service, etc. It has high quality conditions. Product design advanced, sophisticated, reliable performance, with international advanced level, the best-selling, enjoys high reputation in the industry, and well received by the trust of users. The main products of shaker screen of mission pump importers are rotary vibration sieve, sieve, straight line screen, linear vibrating screen, mining sieve, sieve, cement powder screen, vibration hopper, vibration feeder, vibration motor vibration level conveyor, vertical hoist, silo wall vibrators, vibrating motor, screw conveyor, etc. Company tenet: people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, quality first, customer first. I company with first-class product quality, professional processing technology, perfect pre-sales, after-sales service and reasonable price products trusted by the user, pragmatic, innovation. Welcome shaker screen of mission pump importers come to technical exchanges and cooperation, and can provide customers with project design, process design, non-standard design and on-site service.

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