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Shaker Screen in Oil Drilling

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Drilling fluid shale shaker screen is used for drilling fluid solid control equipment cleaning system level, using imported vibration motor. It is very suitable for oil drilling fluid purification of single and double or triple, and it also can be used in drilling fluid shale shaker bottom flow vibrating screen with mud cleaner. The above information can be summed up as the Shaker screen usage. Boring fluid shale shaker has high strength, trembling showing area is large, adjustable Angle of screen box, compact structure, performance is remarkable, the vibrating screen is widely used in oil drilling, drilling fluid trenchless horizontal directional crossing, CBM drilling, shale gas drilling, such as river silt environmental protection mud purification processing field.

In the drilling fluid, Shaker screen is drilling mud solids control system level of solids control equipment, processing from the bottom of a well Fanning up more than 85 microns of mud solid phase particles. Drilling fluid shale shaker is according to the vibration motor under the action of the eccentric block force, generated by shock beam passing linear motion, circular motion, or translational elliptical trajectory. Two motors and screen Angle as a way for a horn or linear, two vibration motor rotating in opposite directions, so the excitation power produced by each shipment, offset each other in the X direction, vibration force is zero. And two motors in Y direction vibration force each other to drive the whole the reciprocating movement of the screen box up and down along the Y direction, at the same time make the mud on the surface of the mesh along the Y direction is thrown, then free fall has been moving forward, so being thrown down on the mud forward movement, mud slurry through a sieve into the mud tank leakage, and mud in the big screen mesh with perforation sieve out part of the solid particles was, which had mud slurry purification effect.

Drilling fluid Shaker screen is mainly composed of base, screen box, screen mesh, the tank of the logging, vibration motor, damping spring, control switches, adjusting device and other parts.1, sieve box: screen box use soft (hard) hook edge mesh, screen mesh frame, USES the bolt tightening or cheese block structure, safe and reliable such tightening is not easy to damage the screen, this knot is enough reliable work, convenient operation, simple maintenance.

Logging device: draw lessons from foreign famous brands for structure optimization design, mud buffer effect is good, prolonging the service life of the sieve effect. Power plant: the shock of beam and two brand flameproof vibrations motor, vibration noise is small, smooth operation, long service life, easy installation and maintenance.

Shock absorbing device: using high strength composite rubber structure, stable performance is good, good damping effect, the noise is small. Adjusting device: the lead screw adjusting structure, adjustment of high precision, good stability, and simple Shaker screen usage operation is convenient. Control unit: the brand explosion protection or control device, safety performance is good, step-down starting protection performance is strong, long service life.

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