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Shaker Screen Dynamic Stress Analysis

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Vibration screening machines are the new machinery had a rapid development in the the last two decades, it has been widely used in mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction and other industrial sectors. Shake sieve boxes are prone to fatigue failure in the strong exciting force alternating load effects. Currently, domestic screening machine life generally is 8 years, abroad available is 10 years. National standards have two requires for the shaker dynamic response. The first movement requirements, such as the screen box horizontal swing is less than 1mm, The side plates corresponding point amplitude is less 0.5mm. Second, the dynamic stress is less than 24. 5MPa.

This paper take the 2065 elliptical shaker as the research object, applied ANSYS finite element analysis software, analysis dynamic stress distribution in the work state, And strengthen its structure, so that the screen body movement stress distribution tends to be uniform like , reducing overall stress level up to the national standard. In this process, this has a useful exploration for shaker modeling, provide references for further study. 2065 dual-axis inertial elliptical shaker mainly contain shaker box, exciter, secondary vibration isolation systems. Among them, sieve box contains mainly by the shaker frame member, baffle assemblies, sieve components, and a spring bearing. The screen frame contains side assemblies, round beams, support beams, feed inlet connections bean and other components. Baffle components have six on each side of the bezel from feed end to the discharge end, sieve components composed three sieves.

Side panels, baffles, beams, support beams, shaker mount use shell48 mesh units, with different plate elements real constant to define the various parts thickness. Spring use combine14 unit to simulate, the lateral stiffness of the spring by adding combine14 unit to simulate. Exciter do mass unit mass21 processing. This sieve shaker is made of resin, extremely light, only a few hundred kilograms, so the sieve not be taken into account when modeling. Ignore all rounded, rivet holes and sieve opening, and rivets to simplify the process of modeling and sub-network.

The main effect of the secondary vibration isolation system is to reduce the shaker’s impact to the ground, it is not affected shaker’s dynamic stress distribution, it is not considered in the model. Vibration exciter provide exciting force to shaker, has two eccentrics. Two eccentrics do uniform reverse rotation by a certain phase angle, the generated inertia force’s force vector is an ellipse force vector, And using ANSYS software’s harmonic analysis function to solve. Harmonic analysis can only add sinusoidal excitation force, therefore, decompose the excitation force generated by eccentric block to the two axes. The decomposed component force is sinusoidal force, can be applied directly in the harmonic analysis, need to pay attention to deal with phase angle relationship between each component.

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