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Several Issues should be Paid Attention in the Decanter Centrifuge Design Selection

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In recent years, with the development of China's sewage treatment business, decanter centrifuge ,de-1000 decanter centrifuge are more and more used in municipal wastewater treatment plant. Their application a great potential to replace the belt filters. Because decanter centrifuges with low cake moisture after dehydrated, easy to use management and maintenance features, and they use fully enclosed structure. This kind of structure avoids the belt press machine’s existence of the drawbacks such as harsh field environments, great odor, extensive use of flocculants and washing water, a large volume of equipment, routine maintenance trouble. Thus its application has a great potential to replace the belt filters.

Many decanter centrifuge devices have very good overall integration performance. When selecting equipments, the best choice is complete sets of equipment, so as to achieve good operating results.. Its flocculant dosing device, flocculants pumps, sludge pumps, control systems etc. matching supply with centrifuges. Under the support of the automatic control system. That can monitor all devices’ operation and the process parameters in the sludge dewatering system continuously. That can observed the arguments in real time such as the mud pool level, sludge pumps’ running state, sludge flow rate, flocculant pump, flocculant flow rate, screw speed, screw torque, drum speed, and the speed difference. And it can make adjustments as needed at any time.

These devices consist an organic whole by the support of the automatic control system. The co-ordinated performance between devices are very well. Therefore, when device can be chosen, the complete sets of equipment is the best choice. Try to avoid choose decanter centrifuge host only, and then choose another flocculant preparation systems, sludge feed pump, dosing pumps and etc.. Even if choose another related equipment, we should also be consulted as much as possible the views of the centrifuge suppliers, the selection of equipment can fit the decanter centrifuge’s automatic control system perfectly. Only in this way, can we make the sludge dewatering system achieved good operating results.

During the dehydration process piping system process designing, we should consider about the relationship between centrifuge spare mutual with decanter centrifuges’ fault and ancillary equipment in decanter centrifuges maintenance. We use the technological process to produce decanter centrifuges, this can ensure decanter centrifuges sunning well in a variety of fault conditions. For example, if one of station such as the decanter centrifuges, sludge feed screw, and PAM dosing pumps fails, just by switching the valve can still ensure the operation of the sludge dewatering system. And the mixing point of PAM flocculant and sludge can not only choose the centrifuge entrance, but also can choose the entrance of the sludge feed screw. If the sludge floc is easy to break, we can add it at the entrance of the centrifuge drum. Perhaps, 518 centrifuge will be another good choice for you.

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