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Several Basic Types of Centrifuges for Liquid Filtering

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There is a famous law that centrifugal force contributes to separate the various materials apart in a special machine which is making the circuit itself at a high speed. The container can be considered as a cylinder in some sense. It may immediately pop up in your head some complex machine with high technology related to the centrifuge force like 518 centrifuge on the construction sites. That’s a good phenomenon which means you get the right principle of the centrifuge. But it is actually also very common in your daily life, because there are so many types of the centrifuge of its own.

Actually the centrifuge has been invented two centuries ago. With the rapid development of the science technology, the centrifuge has also grown into some advanced design and used in wider areas. There are two main parts of all the centrifuges: a cylinder and axis. It can turn circles in the same way keeping the fast speeds. 518 centrifuge is a good example in the industries. Some of them are used vertically, while some are horizontally. But the working principle has never changed ------ with the high speed ultracentrifuge. It is important to get to know the relationship with the gravities basis.

Except for the centrifuge see in the construction sites there are a lot of types of the centrifuge. Swing-bucket is a well-known centrifuge in the field. It is usually made with a volume not too big. It is actually fine in the work. And the rate-zonal and isopycnic can be said as the two major categories of the rotors. The distance is so long that the separation sometimes is really need. Another type of the centrifuge is fixed-angle rotors. It isn’t difficult to understand the theory of the machine with such name. It is usually pelleting the applications to that particles or the collection on the connection of the machine.

Vertical is also an important branch of the centrifuge, which is much more professional in some sense. It is usually used in the developed and official places like large-scale hospitals and research laboratory, such as banding DNA in cesium chloride. It is a fine machine to do the work of the certain short distance. It is virtually more specialized and innovative than other kinds. There are also some good centrifuges of certain type like 518 centrifuge which make good use of the .basic centrifugal force in the fundamental process. And there is no need to say the normal use of the centrifuge to filter the liquid in different density. The work of the separating one liquid from the other can be done efficiently. And certainly the centrifuge is used in so many large industrials and carnival rides to space research.

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