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Sand Pump and Its Working Principle

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Solid control system plays an important role in the modern oil separation process. Its wide use has increased the efficiency of the oil separation and effect of the final separated oil. What’s more, thanks to its green principle, the solid control system has been cost and energy saving. Because of its advantage, the solid control system becomes popular among oil industry. The mud cleaner, mixer and sand pump are the main part of the solid control system.

The mud cleaner is a useful equipment to separate sand and mud from the original oil. It is so convenient and efficient that the mud and sand which are the useless part in the oil are completely removed. Without the mud cleaner, the efficiency of the solid control system could be crazily decrease. So it seems that the mud cleaner is quite important in the solid control system.

However, the most vital part in the solid system is the sand pump. Although sand pump is just an accessory in the solid system, it can never be ignored. The sand pump is designed to give a great displacement and pressure to the oil liquid in the mud cleaner and mixer in order to ensure the efficiency of these parts. Without the effect of the sand pump, the mud cleaner and mixer could work in a low displacement and pressure which are not good for the mud and sand pump out and also are not good for the oil liquid to be homogenized. From this point, the sand pump working principle is really vital.

Pump case, impeller and pump spindle are all the working part of the sand pump. They play an important role in working process. Open impeller is better choice than other kinds of the impeller because it is suitable to transport oil liquid having high stickiness. Wear-resistant plate, sealing device, bearing pedestal, bearing, coupler and electrical machine are accessories in the sand pump. Thanks to the sealing device, the life of the sand pump can be longer. And all accessories are common so that they can be replaced easily and help save the cost. What’s more, the material of these accessories is wear resistant ductile iron which further enlarges the life of the sand pump.

The basic working principle of the sand pump is the same as the working principle of the Decanter centrifuge. The basic working principle is centrifuge effect. Electrical machine forces the coupler to rotate so that the impeller is also forced to rotate. The oil liquid is sucked into the middle of the impeller. The oil liquid rushes through the trace of the impeller and gains energy and speed, under the centrifuge effect. At last, the oil liquid continuously pumps out through the outlet to be transported to the working machine.

On account of the strength of the sand pump, we should pay more attention to maintain it, just as workers do on mud cleaner. Its packing gland set maintain relaxing to avoid overheat situation. What’s more, the worn-out wearing layer should be quickly replaced to keep the main part of the sand pump from wearing out.

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