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Sand Pump and Centrifugal Pump Working Principle

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Sand pump is a centrifugal slurry pumps for liquids containing sand and slag suspension with mostly open impeller. Pump liners are generally divided into two types, wear metal box, wear rubber. Further, the high pressure water into the sliding portions of the pump shaft prevents sediment from entering the sliding parts. Such a pump may be used to contain solid particle transporting liquid 48 in the coarse mesh.

Sand pump is mainly red mining. Residue ore sometimes is recovered. Pre-loosing and cleaning waste rock in some sand must be done. In the region the temperature is below 5 ℃, there should be proof measures, such as pumps, sand pump antifreeze and water pipes, etc. Points are located in the lower drainage pipe gates, turning on the water when the work stopped note. Workers should set alternate pipes. When using high stage, workers should take measures to reduce the amount of water, the water pressure increased by 50% to 60%. The slope of the stop bottom can be 25 to 30 percent increasing in summer. What’s more, pre-loose sands can improve the efficiency of water gun and reduce water consumption and mining costs. How to lose the solid can two methods: blasting method and pressure method. The former is used more, good economic results. More significant in the short water of high mountain areas, water consumption per ton of sands can be reduced to 1.7t. The latter applies permeable sands. Furthermore, some residual mine is due to the formation of the slope face floor and others are left in the karst cave in placer.

Sand pump is also used with centrifugal pump which is a way to quickly configure and handle mud solid control equipment to meet the configuration requirements of high-performance mud. Centrifugal pump impeller , volute , bearings, packing boxes, drive shafts, pulleys, belts combination of motor and bearing components. Unlike centrifugal pump impeller pump impeller, the structure is more complex. It is the core component of the centrifugal pump has a high efficiency of cutting. Impeller consists of axial turbine, storage tanks, pumps, wheels, pressurized cabin and clipboard. The structure is very compact. Centrifugal pump can effectively mix fluids in the fully hydrated materials are added, the slurry used to save material and shorten the time to configure the mud to provide good performance for the drilling mud. Centrifugal pump can greatly enhance the degree of hydration of earth-moving particles; polymer drilling fluid shear thinning centrifugal pump can quickly hydration; higher molecular weight polymers used in the mud, and directly into the easy hydration, Hence the need for a pre- polymer shear. Centrifugal pump can provide high shearing efficiency, speed diluted polymer hydration process; shear displacement pump provides higher and lift to meet the requirements for the preparation and processing of mud.

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