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Sand Pump Usages in Industrial Production

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The most common of sand pump usages is mainly mining, sometimes we need to implement a remnant ore recovery, in some sand,we should be loose and clean up the dirt in advance.?the inlet pipe diameter of nozzle is adopted for 150 ~ 200 mm, nozzle used 38-65 mm in diameter, pressure head is 50 ~ 150 m, The amount of water consumption is ?about 1.7 ~ 14 times of?sand mining, in the high mountain areas where is?shortage of water,?we should control it under three times.?Nozzle is apart from the minimum distance of working face, often close to stage height value. Moving step nozzle for 4 ~ 6 m, moving step sand pump is 50 ~ 200 m. Or slurry pool forward first, when the sand pump suction pipe is extended to 50 ~ 90 m, and moving sand pump later.

Water gate in the pipe is relatively low, when work finished?we should pay attention to stop the water;?Set the standby water pipe; When using high stage, we should take measures to reduce the water, put the water pressure increased by 50 to 60%;?Increase?bottom slope of?Stope?than the summer. Loose sands can improve the efficiency of water gun, reducing consumption of hydropower and mining cost.?Loose method includes method of blast and method of?pressure.?The former use is more common,?the economic effect is good,?in the high mountain and?the water shortage area is more significant, water consumption every ton of placer can be dropped to 1.7 t.?The latter applies to are permeable sands phase from the top line 2 ~ 3 m inserting a row of steel tube, about 2 meters deep, the tube is about 3 m, injecting into the high pressure water.?After several hours it can make the soil rock cave,?this sand pump usages combined with the cut method at the bottom by shear pump, the effect is very well.

Another sand pump usages is water transport by sand pump, This usage includes two categories, gravity and pressure, the former does not consume electricity, low production cost, and the mode of transportation is divided into channel transport and pipeline transport. We can use local materials and the infrastructure investment is more little, so it is widely used in China.?When the terrain condition is restricted, we often use gravity pipe and inverted siphon pipe assist the?water transport.

Hydraulic mining needs a lot of water, water supply method contains gravity, mechanical pressure and combined method. To economize on water, the stope water mainly from the mill tailings pool site (or hydraulic water). Making the?used water become to clarification and recovery, recycling, water source and water loss of the manufacturing process, water supplement, accounts for only about 15% of the total water consumption.?Dry season consume of 20 ~ 25% than ordinary time, the rainy season only accounts for 5 ~ 10%.?The best location of the pump station is in the middle of the mining area of the highlands, in order to make full use of the hydrostatic head and shorten the pipe length, to reduce head loss.?

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