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Sand Pump Selection and Calculation

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A, ordinary sand pump

A Type

PS sand pump , horizontal side into the pulp centrifugal sand pump, transmission concentrator with temple pulp, such as the working medium of heavy media separation, transporting slurry when maximum concentration of 60% ~ 70% (mass). Shaft seal adopts low-pressure packing form, the work should pass into the water lubrication cooling; Adopted into type configuration, pump shaft centerline below the surface of pulp 1 m;

PH sand pump, horizontal single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal ash pump, can deliver a sandstone (maximum particle size is less than 25 mm) of mixed liquid, can allow a continuous sand particle size of about 50 mm. Shaft seal USES the general packing seal, work pressure of 98 kpa injection is higher than to the shaft seal water.

PN sand pump, horizontal single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal slurry pump, used for transporting slurry, its concentration (quality) of a maximum of 50% ~ 60%. Shaft seal USES the general packing; work pressure of 98 kpa injection is higher than to the shaft seal water.

PNJA, PNJFA sand pump, are horizontal, single-stage single-suction smell heart type line with rubber pump. They can be used for conveying type pulp, pulp but unfavorable Angle solid particle transport. Conveying pulp shall not exceed the maximum concentration of 65% (weight), the temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃, using pressure into the configuration, water seal.

PNL sand pump is vertical single-stage centrifugal slurry pump absorption can be used to transport pulp mill, its concentration (quality) of a maximum of 50% ~ 60%.

PW type pump, horizontal single-stage cantilever type centrifugal water pump, is suitable for conveying under 80 ℃ with fiber or other suspension liquid and sewage, but should not be used for transportation acid, alkali and chemical mixture liquid can cause metal corrosion. In order to prevent the water leakage along the axis, need clean water seal, the pressure should be higher than the pump outlet pressure.

PWF type pump, horizontal single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal corrosion sewage pump, applicable to the row of acid, alkali or other corrosive sewage, liquid temperature within 80 ℃; Need to seal, the water pressure is higher than working pressure 49 ~ 98 kpa (0.5 ~ 1.0 kg/cm2) there are two types of sealing: prevent toxic, highly corrosive liquid leakage of mechanical seal (single end) and general packing.

Long axis vertical centrifugal pump (commonly known as long axis pump) conveying the pulp mill, coal slurry, and various kinds of flotation foam and middling’s product special pump, can also transport other liquids and sewage, is a large flotation factory is one of the indispensable equipment in the production, can make the flotation plant realize flexible control loop.

Foam pump, vertical centrifugal sand pump, the defoaming effect, defoaming rate generally over 75%, can be used for enrichment defoaming delivery before dehydration, reduction in the metal enrichment overflow losses, and can be used for foam product delivery.

(2) the calculation of ordinary sand pump

Sand pump calculation should be based on the nature of their transport mortar (such as particle size, density, hardness, pulp density, viscosity and corrosive, etc.) to determine the type of sand pump, then according to the amount of pulp conveying, head and pipe resistance loss and other specific conditions selected sand pump specifications. Determine the pipe diameter and transporting slurry flow velocity.

Second, wurman slurry pump

Wurman slurry pump series, features in the production of mill at present. This kind of pump selection factors to consider is: pulp density, head, Yang, cavitation allowance, efficiency, revolution, etc. Yang is to choose the specifications, quantity and head the basis of a series or not; the revolutions of the pump is unfavorable choose too much. Generally take around for optimal, in this case lift is not enough, can be in series, the head should have allowance of 10% of the nominal head; Material should be according to the needs, in advance to discuss with manufacturer; Driving system generally adopts the elastic coupling and V v-belt transmission, but the v-belt drive will increase 5% of power consumption; To ensure the effective cavitation allowance is greater than the pump must be cavitation allowance of 0.3 m cavitation safety allowance that NPSH a = NPSHY + 0.3, in order to make the pump cavitation does not occur in the state of operation, otherwise the pump flow components will be prematurely damage, cavitation serious cases, the pump will produce vibration and noise, and even lead to sharp decline in pump lift, lift capacity, efficiency. Effective cavitation allowance refers to the entrance of the pump unit can have higher weight liquid vaporization pressure head of energy.

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