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Sand Pump Application in Modern Industry

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Sand pump is only a specific application of the centrifugal pump. Essentially sand pump is a general term. General speaking sand pump mainly used in mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries and sand pump more means used in environmental protection, sand-excavating, river dredging, etc. This series of sand pump is mainly include mission pump or shear pump and so on. sand pump application is mainly in the particles so that the general slurry pump can deliver strong abrasive materials continuous transmission. Suitable for dredging, gravel, dredging river, mining and metal smelting blast slag conveyer, etc.

The most common in sand pump application is the centrifugal sand pump, Centrifugal sand pump is mainly used to form a complete set of the cycle of oilfield drilling solid control system, its role is to desander, desilter, blender, etc. To provide a certain displacement and pressure of drilling fluid, so as to ensure the equipment is efficient work. Centrifugal sand pump include pump casing, impeller, pump shaft, wear-resistant plate, seal, bearing, bearing, coupling, motor, base and so on.

mission pump is a kind of broad pump a popular concept in sand pump application different regions, habit, eventually involving pump type is different, in this paper, the mission pump is one of the most significance type pump: used in the field of oil drilling mission pump. In fact, sewage pump, slurry pump and some of the not fresh water pump and mission pump on the way is very similar.

In the process of modern industrial production, sand pump has a very wide range of application covers many fields and trades, typicallysuch as hydroelectric dam bottom desilting, clear precipitation of concentrator, heavy precipitation pool of clean coal power plant, steel plant of blast furnace slag water conveying, clear steel tin oxide precipitation, precipitation underground water storehouse cleaning solution - solve the problem of mine mud, oxidation ditch sewage plant solid precipitation hoc cleanup, mineral processing tailings of tail dam pumping, paper mill discharge clear lake clear in precipitation, inland river in silt pumping, port seabed in mud pumping, road construction site to build a bridge of mud pump, sand, desilting, slag, processing of various kinds of tank sludge.

Sand pump is one of the important equipment. In the field use, sand pump more than 80% of the failures are caused by the seal, causing mud leakage, affect the normal use of the sand pump, serious and even affect the drilling operation, leakage of drilling fluid and well site environment. Improvement of sealing device is not only reliable sealing, but also greatly improve the service life.

In addition, As a type of sand pump, shear pump are more common in the application of the pump, shear pump is a dedicated to shear polymer and clay witch has been proven by mechanical field use and theory. In practical engineering applications, the shear pump can greatly improve the hydration degree of soil particles. In practical engineering applications, the shear pump can greatly improve the hydration degree of soil particles. Move the soil particles dispersed in water and hydration degree depends on the water content of electrolyte, time, temperature, surface displacement quantity and concentration of cation. Whenother conditions is the same, the use of shear pump can save peng bentonite by more than 30%.

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