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Repair and Maintenance of Sand Pump

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Sand pump is a kind of centrifugal slurry pump, used for transporting slurry containing sand and slag, etc. The open type impeller. Pump lining generally fall into two kinds, wear-resistant metal box and wear-resisting rubber. In addition, the high pressure water is injected to the pump shaft sliding parts, in case of mud into the sliding parts. This kind of pump can be used to contain granularity in more than 48 mesh of the coarse grained solid liquid transportation. Shear pump is a kind of adding polymer mud preparation, soil materials for efficient cyclic shear, refinement, mixing and change its molecular chain structure, make the mud to meet the process requirements.

To make the sand pump could run safety, long life, we must pay attention to daily maintenance of sand pump, maintain sand pump should be paid attention to the following aspects.

First, the maintenance of the shaft seal. Checking the sealing water pressure and water yield periodically, and always maintain a small amount of clean water flows along the axis, regular packing gland, check the stuffing and regular change of packing. Shaft seal water pressure and shaft seal water yield shall comply with the above requirements on the shaft seal. Sand pumps with mechanical seal, when not in use for a long time, mechanical seal parts should include full N46 oil, in order to prevent rust and internal rubber parts failure mechanical seal parts.

Second step of maintaining sand pump is adjustment of the impeller. In order to ensure efficient operation of sand pump, you have to adjust the impeller with the guard interval, firstly stop the pump when adjusting clearance of impeller, loosen bolts pressure bearing assemblies and turn the nut on the adjusting bolt, the bearing assembly to move forward, at the same time turn the shaft by hand according to the rotation direction of pump rotation, until the impeller and guard plate of friction,it will just tighten the nut to relax in front of the half circle, then adjust the bolt to the nut is tightened, the bearing components backwards, the impeller and the former guard interval between 0.5 to 1 mm. We must check it before starting again after adjustment of the impeller rotation is normal, the bearing components hold-down bolts are tight, then start sand pump.

Third, bearing lubrication. Bearing components in the process of assembly, if the assembly is correct, suitable amount of lubricating oil, maintain sand pump timely , sand pump will operate a long service life. Maintenance personnel should be regularly maintenance bearing components, check the status of bearing components and lubricating oil. In the operation you must be add or replace lubricating oil regularly, interval time and the injection volume and the pump rotation speed, bearing specifications, work time, sand pump stop opening times in a row, the surrounding environment and the operation temperature and so many factors, so you must gradually accumulate experience, reasonability and timely add lubricant.

Fourth, the standby sand pump shaft rotation should turn 1/4 circle every week, so that the bearing uniform under static load and the external vibration.

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