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Repair a Desander With This Method

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There are many reasons that the desander malfunctioned. First, it worked for a long time. Each machine has its own lifespan even you make many efforts in protecting and maintaining it. Someday the desander will be useless. However, you can make the desander work much longer by repairing it in time if it has some problems. What’s more, if you just let the error go and you don’t take any action, the desander will quicken its pace into the uselessness and the error not only damages the desander but also has potential threat to safety of the personnel who operate the desander as well as the security of purification.

Whether you are skillful in operating the desander or not, it would be the best that you ask someone who is professional in repairing desanders because the desander is not a washing machine that you can have a try. It is highly possible that you can make the problem worse during the process of repairing desanders. However, you can pay attention to whether the desander is malfunctioning, and if the answer is yes, you can call the repairman.

First, you have loaded a mixture of fluid that contains sandy particles and water and so on, and you pushed the button but nothing happens. Above all, you should check to see whether the power is off. If the desander is properly plugged in, the next part you should make sure is fuse or breaker box. In some cases, it is the problem of power instead of the desander. Therefore, you have no need to repair the desander.

Second, the desander doesn’t work even if you have been sure it has nothing to do with the power, then you can focus on the controls, for example, the centrifugal switch or the timer motor are what you need pay attention to. If the controls are malfunctioning, you need to replace them or the controls might be solid control system.

Third, you can run the desander but it doesn’t operate well. Its efficiency decreases. This abnormal operation is resulted from the incorrect installment or the long-term wear of the desander. You should stop running, and check to make sure the installment is right or not. Sometimes the installment causes it, for example, the spray angle should be in the range of 20°to 30°whose pattern is desirable, and if the angle is not in the range, the desander needs adjusting. If the installment is not and you have no idea of the problem, ask professional person to repair it. If you know where goes wrong such as the Stack Sizer, you should wait the repairman to do the job.

In summary, the desander is not a washing machine or TV that everyone can take action to repair it. If you are sure the error of the desander is due to the power or the controls, you can have a try. But the problem is due to other reasons, you’d better let skillful people to repair the desander.

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