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Reduce the Possibility of the Abrasion of Vacuum Degasser

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Vacuum degasser is widely used in the mining industry to remove the gas, such as methane and carbon dioxide, in the mud in order that the drilling liquid can be reused and also dangers have been moved away in the mining process. The natural gas, such as methane, is easy to cause fire and explosion when they are facing the air which contains rich oxygen. Si the vacuum degasser professionals tips plays an important role in the protecting worker in the mining industry. What’s more, the gas bubbles caused when the gas rises up to the surface of the mud can lead the workers to have to stop mining operations and as a result, the time and cost have overspend on the mining process.

In another words, removing the natural gas from the mud can lengthen the life of the equipment and save the cost of the repairs at the same time reducing the maintenance of mud. Moreover, there are two totally different types of the degassers, vacuum degasser and atmospheric degasser. Compared to the atmospheric degasser which is depended on the impeller to lead the drilling liquid to spread through sets of baffle plates to order to increase the surface area of mud, the vacuum degasser is more relied on the vacuum principle. Gas can leak from the original place which has high pressure into the vacuum place where low pressure exists. And different principles of the degasser lead to different kinds of results. There is no denying that the vacuum degasser is more powerful than atmospheric degasser and that’s why, the vacuum degasser is more popular than atmospheric degasser in mining industry where the efficiency is urgently needed.

Although the vacuum is quite strong in the mining industry, it still needs workers to take care of it. And I’d wish my following tips could give you any idea about the maintenance of the vacuum degasser and wish you could have a happy working time with it.

Firstly, before installing, the vacuum pump should be checked, especially its abrasion and coupling parts. The coupling is the most important part to make sure that the working condition of the vacuum pump can be vacuumed or the effect of the separation of the gas from the mud cannot be successful. Secondly, when installing, you should promise that the center of the pump shaft and motor shaft should be at the same place so that the mud can be easily passing through the tube and the possibility of abrasion and wear of the parts can be reduced. Last but not least, in the working process, the drainage pipe and suck pipe should keep open or the machine cannot work anymore. What’s more, you should also check for the direction of every working parts or the mud cannot go through the machine.

In a nut shell, workers should take care of the vacuum degasser in every small step. Abrasion and wear are always happening in sometime. We cannot avoid all of them but we can reduce the possibility of them. And this needs us to check the condition at every stage of the vacuum degasser.

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