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Reasonable Advice to Solid Control System Buyers

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Solid control system is playing an increasing role in our national industry and the solid control equipment is now enjoying its popularity various fields. There are more and more solid control system types, such as sand pump, shale shaker, desecrator, desander, and deciliter and so on. Here are some reasonable advices to solid control system buyers, hoping they can give you some practical help.

Faced with various solid control system types, solid control system buyers may be confused. There are some tips for solid control system buyers on how to choose the right and economic types. You need to examine the following several aspects of different manufacturers:

(1)Pre-sale Service

Good pre-sale service tend to provide you with questions solutions and technical consulting about the product , sales and technical personnel will offer solid control system buyers a detailed account of configuration, function, characteristics and service system and so forth. What’s more, the company technical personnel will provide you with scientific scheme evaluation and design according to engineering example and customer’s need. They will provide solid control system buyers with solids control equipment in optimal ratio according to customers’ requirements.

(2) Sale Service

Under good sale service, the salesperson will track service process all-the-way, coordinate technical plan according to changes, pay close attention to production schedule and keep in close communication with solid control system buyers. In addition, good manufacturers tend to offer assist installation services and give you a detailed introduction of product use method and technical requirements.

(3) After-sales Service

Good after-sales service would offer solid control system buyers with technical training and technical support. On one hand, they should provide system concrete operation specification and maintenance knowledge of equipment for work personnel. On the other hand, technical support is also absolutely necessary for solid control system buyers, good manufacturers are able to accept the customer's technical support request and failure reports at any time, and then propose some countermeasures timely. Remote network support is also indispensable, good after-sales service is able to achieve online technical support through the company's web site and email. Site service is a vital part of good after-sales, if you need engineer processing problems on-site, the company will respond within 6 hours in general after having received failure report from solid control system buyers. The company should also arrange engineers to visit customers regularly in the process of the equipment operation to monitor equipment operation state, thus providing regular equipment maintenance and maintenance plan.

Good manufacturers always have perfect infrastructure and advanced production equipment, which are able to establish a long-term cooperation with supplier of materials, making the company get reliable guarantee of product quality. Faced with different brands of solid control equipment, solid control system buyers should choose the company with reliable guarantee of product quality.

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