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Professional Tips for the Maintenance of the Solid Control System

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Although the solid control system is efficient and cost-saving in the mining industry. However, without the good care of it, the solid control system professionals tips must be replaced regularly, especially some useful equipment such as the mission pumps. It means that the process of mining will be stopped and the cost the mining process will increase. This situation is what workers and businessman don’t want to see any more. In other words, in order to prevent this unhappy condition happens, the workers should pay all their attention to maintain the solid control system. And the following professional tips are going to teach you how to maintain the solid control system and lead it to be continuously efficient and cost-saving, especially the useful part: mission pump.

Firstly, thanks to the corrosion and abrasion of the solid control system, all valves of the sand pumps and shear pumps should be open, especially the entrance valves and exit valves. Workers should specially make sure that the tubes of the solid control system must be unblocked or the solid control system will lead to serious danger in the site. The solid control system has a great possibility of bombing in the site. After several times of check for the valves, the workers then can open the power to let the solid control system work.

Secondly, industry must arrange some special worker to observe the working situation of various parts of the solid control system. The special workers should check whether the solid control system is overheated and the voice of the working solid control system is normal or not. What’s more, whether the oil leaks and whether the abrasion has occurred on the mining screen also should be checked. The important equipments such as mining screen and mission pump should be paid more attention on it. If there is any situation happening, the special workers should deal with these problems in time or danger will happen without expectation.

Thirdly, workers should also add oil to the solid control system regularly, especially mission pump and others which are going to high-speed rotation. The oil plays an important role as lubrication. It is used to lubricate the solid control system to make sure it won’t have corrosion and abrasion in the working process. If the solid control system doesn’t have oil, it will have high temperature and abrasion. This is going to not only influence the final effect of the separation but also lead to danger in the working site. So it is quite important to add oil to the solid control system regularly.

Last but not least, the solid control system should be cleaned after each use. The sand stored in the solid control system brings about serious harm to it and even decrease of the use life of the solid control system. In other words, the cleaning process of the solid control system is quite important that it should not be ignored.

All in all, if you want to your solid control system to be more efficient and cost-saving in your mining process, you should take care of your machine. Maintain your solid control system as suggestions above, your machine will become as your expectation.

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