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Professional Tips for Using Vacuum Degasser

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I would like to give you some professional tips for using the vacuum degasser.

Before installing the vacuum pump, people should turn the coupling with the hand first to confirm that there are no other damages inside the pump. And before the motor is fixed in the pump seat, you should correct the motor shaft and pump shaft with concentricity. If it has no problems, you can install the pump in the pump seat. Why do you need to do that? Because the motor shaft and pump shaft can’t have even minimal skew which will also cause bearing fever and serious wear of spare parts. You can put the ruler parallel on the coupling, making the whole circle of any position and coupling circular closely have no gaps. When coupling axial clearance is equal, the machine has reached the requirements by the concentricity.

In terms of the use and installation of vacuum degasser , you should strictly abide the rules and methods. When you are installing a vacuum degasser, there are no too strict requirements for the site. As long as it has no obvious tilt, it will be OK. Before starting the machine, you should keep the drainage pipe at the end of the suction pipe for the mud at the same time. Otherwise, the machine will not be able to work. Exhaust air’s inlet area should be equipped with a filter to prevent particles from going into the pump. Besides, before starting the machine, you need to open the vacuum pump and keep water supply. Of course you can also pull down the water supply pipe of the vacuum pump and switch to supply water hose.

Then you should turn clogs on the water separator to make it filled with water. When the water spills from the overflow mouth, you need to screw on blockages. Finally, you can turn the coupling by hand or tongs and to confirm no sticking or other damage phenomenon in the pump. Then you can start again. At the same time, you should first make clear the direction of the machine’s rotation. The direction arrow of the vacuum pump and the main motor is marked on the belt cover. You should keep them in the same direction. And the reverse operation is absolutely prohibited. When the work of the water in the vacuum pump is supplied by gas water separator, you shall ensure that the temperature of the water should be 150-200 degrees Celsius higher than ambient temperature. Or the new cold water should be replaced, so that the vacuum pump can work normally. After using the machine, you must remove the water in the pump and gas water separator.

Vacuum degasser maintenance is also very important. Vacuum degasser’s roof cover should be cleaned once a week, so as to avoid blocking gas channel by debris. After operating the vacuum degasser, you should cut off the power and unload boards. You ought to check whether there is any damage on components or foreign body in the tank with high-pressure pipe flushing tank wall and the rotor. You should also do some cleaning work to ensure the normal use of machine. During work, at any time you should check the vacuum gauge and adjust the valve pressure between the vacuums in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment. In addition, in every month you need to add 250-300 ml grease quantity on the spindle bearing. For vacuum pump, shear pump , you should often check the working condition and lubrication.

With these professional tips for using the vacuum degasser, you can operate the machine correctly.

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