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Professional Tips for Using Solid Control Equipment

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And here we will give a detailed introduction about the professional tips for using this solid control equipment . The brant screen is one of the important parts of solid control systems actually.

Firstly, there are some problems which need enough attention on equipment installation. This is the first step of using this machine. So it must be right, solid, complete and reliable and valve parts line should be open. Fixed bolts should adding spring washers or lock nuts should be immediately fixed. Usually the hole of fixed bolt diameter should be 2 mm bigger than the corresponding bolt diameter. You should add them after welding with steel plate and steel plate of drilling. On the other hand, cutting hole on the steel plate should be added after weld slope of drilling steel plate. As the pad iron should not be more than 3 pieces, all working parts on the shield or safety devices should be equipped. Equipment installation should be with leveling. First you should find the fixed leveling. Connecting pin should be coated with grease before the installation process. After the tightening bolt, threaded portion should be coated with grease.

Secondly, the installation of the vibrating screen needs to follow several steps. When using a wire rope hoisting to keep the screen body level, it can prevent vibrating screen from friction parts, so as not to scratch paint surface. It is often applied in the process of transportation vibration sieve. The fixtures to fasten on vibrating screen are used to prevent the attaint parts. When you are installing screen box, the surface shall not stand work place or other items. Vibrating screen with circulation system of tank should be installed on the tapered tank, flat and steady. And it shall not be tilted or corner hung up. When the installation is based on horizontal plane, installing a mesh screen upper and lower two layers should be tensed at the same time.

The degasser is a typical kind of solid control equipment. The installation and use tips of the degasser must abide by some rules. For example lifting rope should be set on the lug and it shall not hang or be joint, so as to avoid damage to the equipment. Degasser should be placed in the drilling fluid circulating tank as secondary processing equipment. For the drilling fluid shale shaker, desilter should be installed after the degasser. Basic stability should be guaranteed, but sometimes the desilter installation allows a lean forward 3 degrees. Sand pump and cyclone junction line should be possible to reduce the length or bend. Connection place cannot have leakage phenomenon. You should prevent debris from coming into the cyclone.

And the mud sand pump is also a typical kind of solid control equipment. Next we will introduce the common problems and solutions of the mud sand pump.

Excessive shaft power is mainly because of three aspects. Firstly, it is because of the friction between vice impeller and guard plate via impeller and the pump shell. Secondly, the height design of pump is lower under the conditions of operation. And thirdly packing gland pressure is too tight. Ways to eliminate the fault are mainly adjusting the impeller and the pump shell end face and seal the clearance on the pump cover. And eliminate friction between impeller and machine. Checking the match work machine is in line with the requirements. Turn down the discharge valve and make the pump work in the design point. Finally, you need to observe and adjust every part.

Bearing overheating is for three reasons. Lubricating oil is too much or too little. When there are impurities in oil, it will wear. You can keep the oil level in oil standard stipulated position, change oil or replace the bearing.

Sometimes, the pump generates vibration and abnormal noise. General cause is the unbalanced impeller. Maybe the connection of bearing is too tight or loose. You can change the impeller and bearing, tighten the loose parts or improve the suction conditions.

With these professional tips, you can use the solid control equipment correctly!

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