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Principle of Desilter Working

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There is no big breakthrough during the development of desilter and desander technology in recent years, which caused many drilling crew missed desilter this 1 level equipment in the mud purification system. Solid phase between 44-8 microns particles had to be removed by centrifuge, which not only increased the burden of the centrifuge, but also accelerated the wear and tear of the spiral conveyor, will cause the centrifuge premature failure, directly lead to waste of resources and the increase in the cost.?Currently abroad, desilter and desander has become a deep mud purification equipment essential device.Deep well drilling rig in China increased year by year therefor the key components in deep mud purification equipment--desilter and desander research is imminent.?Domestic researchers in order to meet the requirements of the development of oil drilling technology in China, began the research of various power tongs as early as the 50s and early 60s;For more than forty years, through the hard work of scientific researchers and engineering technical staff, power tongs of research, they have accumulated rich experience, and obtained certain achievement.However, the current domestic power tongs automation has a big gap compared with abroad.

The research and production of power tongs in China , started in the early '60 s, into the 80s, research institutes and industry to absorb the advanced technology of foreign power tongs and domestic research for many years, making the product performance in China has a larger breakthrough.

Solids control equipment manufacturer in China can basically make desander. Desanders mainly reflected in the quality of wear resistance, and its performance mainly depends on the separation size, the lower the separation size is, the separation effect is better. Domestic only make improvement in the way into oar in desander , grit discharge, while in other parts especially wear-resisting material they are mostly use the introduction of foreign advanced materials.

Working principle: desilter is mainly composed of perfusion fluid tube, the overflow outlet pipe, desander group, vibrating screen and base, support, etc. When working, drilling fluid containing suspended solid particles move down into the spin under the influence of pressure through infusion into the upper cylindrical spiral tube desander parts of the tangential inlet. Due to the density difference of drilling fluid solid phase and liquid phase, and combined with the top of desander is bigger than the below, therefore the drilling fluid with the more downward movement, the greater the angular velocity, thereby gaining greater radial acceleration, generate more close to accelerated down cone wall and the bottom exit eduction, and density of the liquid in the desander is formed at the inlet of the low pressure vortex, downward spiral movement of the liquid phase will produce extrusion in the bottom of the cyclone and reverse move up from the overflow mouth return system.

In addition, the cyclone comes out of the bottom to the vibrating screen, the drilling fluid through screen and particle size large barite return to cycle system, the harmful solid phase of screen will be ruled out.

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