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Preparation of Installation Drilling Equipment

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One,Check the quality of drilling equipment ,the acceptance inspection plays a important role in installation of drilling equipment.


(1) When the acceptance inspection, in addition to the test methods with visual by stack sizer, hand, you also need a simple measuring tool checking (such as engineering line alignment, leveling ruler leveling, steel tape measure installation size error; wrench check the retaining bolt and nut fastening situation, etc.).

(2) The general acceptance inspection route is: rig, engine room, pump room (including increasing equipment, mud gun, dispensing pool, etc.) - circulating tank (mixer, desilter, deaerator, desander, vibrating screen) - circular groove (connecting pipe, buffer tank) - wellhead (bop) - high pressure manifold - tank area - power room.

Acceptance check content:

(1) the level and vertical deviation of the equipment.

(2) the installation and fixed of the derrick, rig ropes.

(3) the connection and fixed of all kinds of pipeline .

(4) the slope of the circulating tank and the connection of each tank.

After the acceptance check by stack sizer, the unqualified drilling equipment need timely changes, only the qualified ones can spud.

The technical requirements

(1) The acceptance criteria should according to the execution of drilling equipment installation standard.

(2) The unqualified equipment need adjustment by stack sizer, the unqualified one cannot spud.

The relevant knowledge

How to install drilling equipment, the acceptance check method, acceptance check the route and acceptance check content as shown in the above steps.

Two,Installation and the a-shaped derrick

How to install drilling equipment,the preparatory work is also important,too.

1. Install the a-shaped derrick

(1) Get ready the tools to install, such as wrench, screwdriver, ruler, stack sizer etc.

(2) Comprehensively check the parts that needed to install drilling equipment and derrick, etc., and conduct a comprehensive cleaning on sections of derrick.

(3) Base the two thighs on the left and right of oblique iron adjusted to its highest position.

(4) The thread compound, lubricating oil, cotton yarn, cleaning agents, etc.

2. Put the a-shaped derrick

1) Put the shaft bracket method up

(1) Test all the headframe body, shaft bracket pin connection is correct or not, and shall not be a lack of safety pin.

(2) Check all adopt the bolt, the reliability of the "U" shape fastening bolt connection components, and shall not be a lack of spring washer.

(3) Check the second guy and security guy rope card are tighten and reliable or not.

(4) Check the lifting rope around the parts of pulley lacing is correct or not, each side rope card on the big rope shall not be less than three, and should be clamping and reliable.

(5) Check the pulley is oiled or not.

2) Preparation of drilling equipment installation

(1) After derrick assembled on the ground level, we need a test run of the diesel engine and transmission device to make it is put in the derrick and will not occur in the process of any problems.

(2) Check each parts of the drilling equipment is normal or not, the cylinder pressure should be kept in the 0.7-1.0 kilopascal.

(3) Ensure the brake system of drilling equipment is flexible and reliable when we are putting derrick .

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