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Precautions for Solid Control Equipment Usages

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The solid phase in the drilling equipment can be divided into two categories according to its function. One kind is useful "solid", such as betonies, chemical treatment agent and fillers and so on; the other kind is the "harmful solid phase", mainly indicates the cuttings entering into the drilling fluid in the process of drilling. The excessive accumulation of harmful solid phase will bring great harm to the performance of drilling fluid. Solid phase control is a very important part in drilling engineering. Precautions for solid control equipment usages are critical to the solid control system buyers.

At present, the widespread use in petro drilling industry nowadays is the tertiary purification equipment, namely the vibrating screen, decanter and centrifuge. Using these solids control equipment and mud agitator correctly and then playing its biggest effect is the basis of the solid phase control job. Different kinds of device have their specific solid control equipment usages. According to the different working principle and various solid phase particle size, vibrating screen is mainly used to clear solid phased particles more than 74 microns of, decanters can remove particles of graded range between 10 to 74 microns, and the centrifuge can separate 2 to 5 microns particles.

In addition to precautions for solid control equipment usages referred above, there are some other precautions. In order to achieve the purpose of improving drilling rate, we should keep the lower level of solid drilling fluid and must start from the first level solid control vibrating screen. On one hand, we need to strengthen the maintenance of vibrating screen, leaving the screen cloth clean after using, thus preventing the mud dry paste on the screen cloth to cause jams; on the other hand, we should utilize the lower drilling fluid viscosity as far as possible under the conclusion meeting the down hole safety and drilling cuttings to carry, making drilling fluid has good liquidity to facilitate the removal of solid phased particles. In addition, some stratum are more likely to appears phenomena of debris jam or closed mesh, we have to switch to a more fine screen cloth when come across that, otherwise it will not be able to play the role of cuttings removal, certainly will increase the burden of decanter and centrifuge.

There are some precautions for solid control equipment usages of specific solid control equipment types. As for vibrating screen, it is better for two sets of vibrating screen used interchangeably, which will be beneficial to improve the life of bearing, screen and other parts. The precaution for solid control equipment usages of centrifuge is that we must operate it in standard sequence, the startup sequence is the auxiliary - host - pump motor and only we must operate in this order, otherwise it can't work normally. We also should flush the centrifuge according to the using requirements after the device having been out of service for a long time, otherwise it will cause severe vibration.

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