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Powerful Desilter of Sand Pump Application

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Mission Pump application is used widely and is famous for its blunt cannon and multi functions. Sand pump application is used to carry floating liquid which contains sand and mine. But the desilter of sand pump application will prevent it from blocking.

China started long ago and artificial exploring sand mining ore, in 1673 used near mountain natural water sources, digging gutter, and water rushed exploring placer. Tin ore rock dam in Guangxi in 1929 water spray water, sand pump mining in sight in tin with natural water pressure, hydraulic lifter mining equipment, save the electricity. The economic effect is good in1949 years later, the placer mining hydraulic mining by mining development to tin, alluvial gold mining tungsten titanium manganese, niobium, tantalum, iron ore, zircon, diamond, etc., even use hydraulic mining clay. Using hydraulic mining of mine, short construction time, less investment, simple equipment, high productivity, low cost, investment, quick effect, good technical and economic effect. Although Sand pump application can produce high profit, but it will lose cost if it is blocked and it can be easily blocked. Desilter of sand pump application is very critical in preventing blocking dirt or other wastes.

Desilter of sand pump application is mainly made up of colorful screen, nylon wings and water bank; and they are used for drilling fluid solids control system of level 3 solids control equipment.

Desilter of sand pump application separation capacity, high separation particle size range is extensive; Vortex bottom Liuchow show with pressurized umbrella "wet bottom" row sand make the separation of the particles in the discharge quickly, reduce the probability of bottom Liuchow jam; The products of large quantity, low noise, screen mesh long life can be supplied by advanced two tiny screen shale shakers; the liquid in vortex distribution is more reasonable and stable because of the symmetrical mechanism.

Desilter of sand pump application is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation medium through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the cyclone wall spiral sink, from the bottom Liuchow education, falls below before breaking down vibrating screen separation, while the rest of the medium has risen into a spiral along the hydro cyclone.

Installation and debugging of desilter of VSM Shaker application (1) silt cleaner should be installed after the disbanding cleaner, namely the second tank back, and smooth basement must be applied.

2. Desilter of sand pump application can clean up the mud and dirty. You don’t need to worry about the blocking tank.

3. The screen of the tensioning degrees should be placed into the right corner, after the tension of screen should level off without a wrinkle.

Maintenance and maintenance of desilter of sand pump application

1. The new mud cleaner only needs one time to test before removing it to the box.

2. When it is stopped for a long time, please clean it with clear water cycle, and remember to prevent it from becoming dry sand inside the cyclone deposited.

3. Vibration motor applies a grease to last 1500 ~ 2500 hours each time, each oil quantity contains 5 ~ 10 ml.

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