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Patterns of Vacuum Degasser

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Usage steps of vacuum degasser

When using, if open the matched pump, take out the air inside, the materials are sucked into the inside, when the materials rise to a certain position, control valve controls materials automatically. At this moment, we can observe and control feed rate through eyehole. When the vacuum degree meets the process requirements, the materials can be extracted from the material export. As long as maintaining vacuum degree and the balance of feeding and catching, the production can be continued. In order to prevent corrosion, the water supply system in power generation equipment structure excludes mixture non-condensable gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air, etc. Also it can maintain the pump suction head together with open heat exchange which can heat water.When we need to use vacuum degasser

If the pump mixes the solvents in the low voltage side, it needs degassing. So there must be a vacuum degasser or other degassing systems, for example, using helium to degas. Generally unit pump and high pressure mixing pump don’t need degassing. But in the following cases, suggest using vacuum degasser for isocratic elution or high pressure mixing pump.

If at low UV wavelength section, use the highest sensitivity to test.

Generally, if the dissolved gas in the moving phase has a negative effect on Brandt shaker. It needs degassing when passing the acceptance level of users.

Usages pattern of vacuum degasser

After opening vacuum degasser, vacuum degasser will start and pass through the electromagnetic valve to the environment. After 15 seconds of starting vacuum degasser, the electromagnetic valve starts to work, vacuum pump starts to vacuumize vacuum chamber. The measures voltage value begins to drop quickly.If the usage pattern is set as continuous pattern, it will shorten the service time of vacuum degasser greatly.

When to use continuous pattern

Vacuum degasser will operate continuously under this pattern, and it can get the highest degassing efficiency. Only in the application of high sensitivity, it is suggested to use this pattern.

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