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Overview of Mission Pump Features

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Mission pump is the machinery which can transport flushing fluids such as slurry or water to drill in the process of drilling. It is an important element of Mission pump. Classified by function, there are single acting Mission pump and double acting Mission pump. Classified by the cylinder number of pump, there are single, double cylinder, three and five cylinder Mission pump.

Mission pump features of performance

The two main parameters of Mission pump performance are displacement and stress.


Displacement is calculated by the volume of discharge per minute. It is related to the drilling diameter and the up-hole velocity of required flushing fluid. The up-hole velocity of flushing fluid should be fast enough to wash the cuttings and rock powder timely away from the bottom and bring them to the surface. When doing geological core drilling, generally the return rate is at around 0.4~1.0 meter per minute.


The pressure of the Mission pump depends on the depth of the hole, the resistance of the flushing fluid when passing through the channel, the nature of the conveying flushing fluid, etc.

With the change of the diameter and depth, the displacement of the VSM shaker should be adjusted at any time. In order to change the displacement, there is gearbox or hydraulic motor to adjust its speed. In order to master the change of pressure and displacement accurately, install flow meter and piezometer on the Mission pump. This can let the drilling personnel get to know the working situation of pump and judge if the situation inside is normal to prevent from happening accidents.

Product features of Mission pump

1. It can transport suspension slurry which is high concentration and high viscosity and contains particles.

2. There is no flow, fluctuation, stirring phenomenon when transporting fluid flow.

3. Outlet pressure is unrelated to revolving speed. Low flow can maintain high discharge pressure.

4. Flow is proportional to the speed. It can be adjusted by variable speed institution or speed regulating motor.

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