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Oil Drilling Safety by Using Desilter and Desander

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Specific technical requirements of the desilter and desander can be reference to the ministry of oil drilling specification compilation. The key points to prevent blowout consist of fire, gas diffusion, derrick collapse, touch the crown, drill ground run, anchor head hurt, tong blow and the occurrence of the major accidents like falling.

Drilling equipment with desilter functions refers to the required machinery and equipment in the process of oil and gas drilling. The main components of drilling must work together to finish rig hoisting, the three main loops and to rotate a work. To press the equipment of the desilter and the desander differently, this usually can be divided into mechanical drive drill, electric drill, and compound drill and so on. Mainly includes the systems, such as lift system is used up and drill down column, so as to realize the drilling to drill bit and so on.

Main desilter functions are also very important, such as the rotation system which is driven by the power unit rotary table, and it will through rotary party drive Kelly bushing. The circulatory system is used in the process of drilling, and the drilling fluid circulation by power unit drive the mud pump, a vertical pipe, hose, faucet, drill collar and so on. All of these are used to realize drilling fluid at the bottom of the well drilling cuttings to the ground. Power equipment consists of drive drawworks, rotary table and drilling pump power machine work.

The transmission system of the desilter or the desander contains the engine of the energy transfer or assignes to each work machine. The drilling and filling and drilling fluid or not fill in time, failed to accurately find the overflow. When found that improper measures of overflow post-processing or well not to install the bop. Well control equipment installation and test is not in conformity with the requirements, and the casing program design is not reasonable.

It has failed to provide the accurate geological design of formation pore pressure data, using the low density of drilling fluid column pressure is lower than the formation pore pressure of desilter and desander. Well time must be too long, and there is no observation well. Drilling in the period of the thief zone failed to improper handling or processing measures, adjacent injection Wells continuously or not decompression.

In order to direct and coordinating each system to work, the solid control system of desilter or desander in the whole rig should have a variety of control equipment when equipped. The main desilter functions of auxiliary equipments are to provide matching support normal drilling operation. Drill must have a total of seven parts, the main equipment for hoist, the derrick, crown block and traveling block, faucets, turntable, drilling pump.

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