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New Generation Solid Control Equipment

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The new generation of solid control equipment is marked by closed loops to fulfill the optimal solution in drilling practice and to meet all environmental standards as well. In addition, with the new equipment new levels of efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness are guaranteed. At the same time, the possible environmental impact of the drilling program can be minimized while the particle separation is maximized to ensure high productivity.

Moreover, the screens in cutting edge solid control equipment are designed with highly durable composite-frame technology. Thus the composite screen frames combine the qualities of durability, light weight and longer life into a cost-effective alternative to metal frames. Paired with competitor shakers, they can offer long service life of the solid control equipment by providing smaller panels, evenly distributing mechanical stresses and containing mesh tears if they ever occur. When it comes to the success of oilfield exploration, oil drilling is the first and primary step. To be more specific, the success of the drilling operation largely depends on the geological drilled formations and the reservoir conditions. Therefore, the paramount oil drilling objectives are to reach the drilling target in a safe manner as soon as possible at the lowest cost. In general, drilling the wellbore is the most expensive step in the oil and gas industry, which can account for as much as thirty percent of the total oilfield exploitation cost.

Solid control equipment is widely adopted in the oil drilling industry since solids control has proved to be a vital part of any modern drilling operation. Therefore, it is of great importance to choose the right solid control equipment according to the specific drilling conditions.

At present the latest models of solid control equipment are designed with closed-loop in order to optimize the solids control and waste management. Thus the overall site management can be improved and the production costs can be reduced. Flexible and innovative solid control equipment main parts such as the desander, the stack sizer , and the fluid processing system have been proven to meet the needs of almost all oil drilling programs. In general, the integrated state-of-the-art solid control equipment is comprised of centrifuges, shale shakers, and a wide range of surface equipment products. Different sizes of centrifuges are available in a variety of configurations including fixed drive models so as to meet the needs of each unique solids control operation and to allow for theoretically limitless operational parameters. What is more, advanced centrifuges are capable of accurately varying the speed of the bowl, conveyor and feed pump to make it possible to optimize the centrifuges' performance on a variety of drilling fluids throughout the oil drilling operation.

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