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New Drilling Equipment Features in the Domestic

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Drilling is risk engineering with great investment. drilling equipment will directly affect the drilling speed, drilling safety and drilling economic benefit. At present, domestic drilling technology level has a big gap compared with foreign advanced level. For example, Derrick shake is an American famous and high-quality brand. One of the key factors that restrict the development of drilling technology is backward drilling equipment. So far, at home and abroad it has established a set of more scientific, more advanced, more perfect design idea, design theory, design method and design software; and has introduced advanced technology and equipment to further improve the design and manufacturing level of drilling equipments. In recent years, the drilling equipment has showed the following features.

The types of drilling equipments become more diversified, more serialized. Various products has been developed for different environmental conditions and different area, which can satisfy the different drilling conditions, different drilling process, the different depth and specialized demands. With this drilling equipment feature, it forms diversified drilling equipments, improves the adaptive faculty, expands the working range and improves drilling efficiency.

The technology of drilling equipment is more advanced. With the extensive application of communication and network technology, mechanization, automation, intelligent development of drilling equipment show great superiority by the cross linking of AC frequency conversion, hydraulic drive, automatic control, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology. The integration, informatization, intelligent and automation of drilling equipments technology may fundamentally change the drilling mode and greatly improve the drilling efficiency.

The design of drilling equipment tends to be more humanization. The new shear pump fully embody the idea of people-oriented and pay special attention to consideration of health, safety and environmental. This drilling equipment feature can meet the environmental protection, security and other requirements to the maximum extent. It is designed to maximize the use of remote control device. It tries to avoid the manual operation and high altitude operation by the automated design of drilling equipments. In addition, it reduces transportation frequency and the installation difficulty as far as possible by improving the transferability and modularization level of drilling equipment. For instance, the quick carrying drilling rig is one of representative products with the above drilling equipment features. Its speed of research and development has accelerated. It has great potential for development in recent years because of its advantages of quick moving speed, low cost, saving time and low labor intensity. At present a new round of drilling equipment manufacturing has reached the peak. One important design concept with driving force is to control the risk and to improve the reliability.

Hydraulic drilling rig has all the drilling equipment features. It uses hydraulic cylinder as the lifting mechanism. Hydraulic drilling rig has the advantages of simple structure, light system weight and high bearing capacity. The pedestal has a large available space. It has high utilization of power and is easy to realize automatic operation, so drilling cost is low. The moving mode of hydraulic drive can convert easily. Under the premise of high-power hydraulic component reliability constant increasing and the circumstances of rig’s volume and quality strict requirements, hydraulic drilling rig has become a main trend of development.

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