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Mud Gun Prospect Forecast

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Blast furnace iron making technology is heading towards high quality, high yield, low consumption, and long operating life directions. And blast furnace type is heading towards large scale, automation and operation under high pressure directions similarly. mud gun is the key device in blast furnace iron making, and its safety and reliability during operation is directly associated with safe production and working efficiency of blast furnace. In recent years, the main trend of other countries’ blast furnace and modernized blast furnace are using hydraulic mud gun, which has small structure, high thrust and stable operation. Hydraulic mud gun is a very common choice in design of new-built blast furnace nowadays. In order to make it compatible between high-pressure operation and large scale, more and more iron-smelting factories are focusing on mud gun‘s comprehensive performance, including easy to manipulate, high security and reliability and minimal maintenance. Mud gun‘s design and manufacture require to meet the performance of host, and in aspects of controlling system and auxiliary operation, technicians have been researching deeply and rapid advances are being made.

Blast furnace put high pressure operation into use after upsizing, which improved the utilization coefficient. The production of iron is increasing; as a result, each iron export should produce iron with increasing frequency, and prolonged working time, besides, growing pressure of iron export.

For the sake of improving the quality of iron-making and maintain labor intensity, more and more factories applied waterless mud gun to their production, which can strengthen intensity of iron export and accelerated the speed of drying. Hydraulic mud gun has simple and compact structure, high thrust of polyurethane screen, and its work is more stable and reliable, all of these advantages make it quickly been applied widely.

Foreign countries started using hydraulic mud gun since 1970s, like Japan, England, and Germany and so on. And those countries technique is the earliest and the most mature. As for the domestic, the development of hydraulic mud gun can be divided into three periods. In the first period, hydraulic mud gun is transformed on the base of electric mud gun. It has more compact structure and reduced weight. But it is likely to return mud, which increased wear and tear of mud cylinder, and can’t operate under Tuyere platform. In the second period, University of Science and Technology Beijing introduced abroad techniques and cooperated with some enterprises. They developed BG homemade hydraulic mud gun. Compared with the former type, BG homemade hydraulic mud gun greatly reduced the height of machine, and deleted the mud-hold part and locking mechanism, which make its getting lighter and efficient. In the last period, the amount of new-built modernized blast furnace increased a lot, and hydraulic mud gun became upsizing and automatic. The structure is similar to the second one, but it can work under higher pressure, more processing power and higher level of automation, and more environmentally.

From the above introduction, we can make a reasonable mud gun prospect forecast: in the future, mud gun will be larger, more automatic, and longer working service. Moreover, the design and manufacture will level up by using computers, and other auxiliary facilities will be developed and employed. Innovation of mechanism and design will bring mud gun into a bright future.

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