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Mud Gun Professional Tips

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Do you want to know the stack sizer professionals tips? Hydraulic mud gun is one of the important equipment in the production of blast furnace, once appear, fault can cause blast furnace reducing wind, damping down, affect the normal production of blast furnace. With the progress of iron-making technology, blast furnace smelting strengthen ceaselessly, mud gun directly influences the equipment level of the furnace before the production management and safety management, mud gun professionals tips can help you make better use of mud gun. So in order to ensure the long-term reliable operation of mud gun, we have to mud gun professional tips for popularization, sharply reducing mud gun failure. Begin with fault mud gun professional tips. Mud gun in the process of long-term use will fail, a common fault of the mud institutions have depositing. These two kinds of fault directly decide the service life of mud gun.

What are the having the from mud gun professionals tips? According to the site usage statistics, pour mud after grinding damage due is serious mud gun using reflect more concentrated in the point of failure. Brant screen work in high temperature for a long time and regular water cooling, heating and will produce tiny deformation, sometimes card phenomenon of iron. And as the improvement of mud gun, now most of the use of stemming are anhydrous stemming, under heating condition of bod movements have a great resistance. And bod back and did not clean the bottom mud, harden after high temperature sintering, bod back at the end of reaction. According to the mud gun professionals tips, when the hydraulic cylinder play mud, although have resistance but the connecting bolt affected by pressure cannot work, but in the condition of backward, connecting bolts subjected to tension, and several kinds of resistance at the same time. When the force is greater than the bolt on the tension, cause bolt looseness, deformation, broken, lead to bod falls off, mud gun can't work and caused the accident. Accordingly, desander will have malfunction.

Want to know more mud gun professionals tips? Due to bod and mud cylinder fitting clearance when the largest is 0.8 mm, and the hydraulic cylinder piston rod is fixed, when the hydraulic cylinder to move forward, the gravity, the hydraulic cylinder head will be down, close to the mud cylinder wall, friction. Mud gun professionals, according to the tips of bod material is brass, over a long period under wear, bod will be on one side and a gap with clay cylinder, with the increasing of gap, forming mud tank leakage, depositing quantity is also increasing, although the mud cylinder back with mud Vent still cannot meet the increasing due to wear down the amount of mud, when reaching a certain amount, will affect the normal work of the mud gun, cannot satisfy the needs of production. After mud body removes the maintenance workload is very big. To extending the working life of the machine, we must optimize the bod and transformation. In the process of optimization and transformation, we can take mud gun professional tips into account to find a best solution.

Now, the domestic iron basic use hydraulic mud gun, because of the hydraulic system than electric system has many advantages, running more stable. But in the process of using hydraulic oil are easy to be polluted, especially using the environment such as blast furnace iron farm. According to relevant data records, because do not understand the mud gun professionals tips, hydraulic failure is 70% ~ 80% is caused by the oil pollution. Hydraulic components with high precision, the dirt siltation caused by impurities in the oil, the circumstance such as congestion, abrasion and corrosion reaction is more sensitive. Pollutants may clog or hydraulic components of orifice throttling aperture, change the working performance of hydraulic system, and cause movement disorders and even complete failure, produce disoperation cause an accident.

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