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Mud Gun Efficiency and the Specific Speed

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When we consider the mud gun functions, we are in fact taking about both the mud gun efficiency and specific speed. This kind of information can help mud gun users to make accurate prediction of the reverse operation of mud gun in the first place before the device moves further. Therefore, there is no exaggeration to say that it is highly important to relate mud gun functions efficiency with specific speed in many cases. Of course there is a particular mud gun specific speed at which the overall maximum efficiency of the oil drilling project can be obtained and the relation between the two is very useful to find the relatively ideal impeller shapes including the centrifugal mud gun and the mixed flow mud gun that are marked by above the average coefficients.

In addition to this, when using mud gun, it has to be noticed that there is a probable limit of economical operation of the device since the head and discharge values in the turbine mode are higher than that in the active mode. In other words, the increase in terms of mud gun’s head and flow rate in both modes varies according to the specific speed of the mud gun functions because the values of head and discharge ratios obtained from a variety of methods need to be compared with other experimental results to calculate the working performance of the mud gun. Therefore, as long as the mud gun functions rated errors for head and discharge ratios can be plotted against specific speed, the mud gun plots are capable of indicating that the mud gun has been considerably improved for the newly proposed method in the oil drilling projects with more than ten percent less of deviations and the mud gun assumed best efficiency.

For instance, a mud gun of specific speed can be experimentally tested to study the different working mode characteristics and according to experiment, a mud gun can satisfactorily be operated without any extra mechanical and technical problem. What is more, when the mud gun is compared to the oil drilling operation, the mud gun operates at higher head and discharge values in active mode and the best efficiency in the turbine mode is found to be lower than ten percent. On the other hand, when the mud gun is in its best efficiency, we can use the experimental data of the tested mud gun functions with the help of some previous researchers. In this way, the mud gun relations can be developed to obtain different mode characteristics on the basis of best efficiency and specific speed in different working modes, which makes the mud gun performance prediction simpler and closer to accuracy.

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