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Mud Cleaner Professionals Tips for You

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The good performance of drilling mud alone chemical treatment not only expensive, but also difficult to stable performance, therefore must also rely on effective mud cleaner to control the solid content of slurry (often diluted with water to assist in the practical work in mechanical processing, in order to improve the effect of mechanical treatment). Therefore, mud cleaner is an important part of the maintenance to ensure drilling mud performance good, also is part of the conventional drilling technology.

With the development of drilling technology, the mud cleaner of the demand is higher and higher. Mud cleaner professionals tips showed that through the mud cleaner to improve the mud properties of the technology, has developed into a stable and well conditions and improve the drilling speed is closely related to the major drilling mud auxiliary process. To provide quality drilling mud, needs a set of perfect, suitable mud purification equipment, it is the guarantee of maintaining good drilling mud performance. Here are some mud cleaner professionals tips.

Mud cleaner mud cleaner professionals tips on classification: one kind is useful in solid phase, such as bentonite, chemical treatment agent, barite powder, etc.; Another kind is useless solids, such as drilling cuttings, poor bentonite clay, sand, etc. Mud cleaner professionals tips of drilling fluid solids control: is to eliminate the harmful solid phase and solid phase, save useful to meet the requirements of drilling technology to drilling fluid performance.

Mud cleaner professionals tips on its adverse impact: the presence of too much useless in mud solid phase is destruction of drilling fluid performance, reduce the penetration rate and led to the biggest hidden trouble of downhole complicated conditions. People in the long-term practice and continuous study, summed up the mud in the meet too much useless solid impact drilling velocity, mud cake quality, life cycle system. In addition, waste slurry displacement increases, can cause environmental pollution.

Mud cleaner professionals tips of low solid content method: at present, there are four commonly used method to reduce solid content in slurry. The first kind is diluted with water mud, this method not only to increase the mud storage container, and the mud cost increase greatly, and diluted mud property is changed, thus dilute desanding method use is limited by the great. The second is with water and performance qualified new mud to replace the borehole mud; and the third is the use of the gravity of the solid, solid settling pool their sinks down in isolation. Fourth of mud cleaner professionals tips is to use mechanical purification method, this method to remove solids without increasing drilling fluid volume, don't need to fill in a large number of agents, therefore, reducing drilling cost, small influence on the performance of the drilling fluid at the same time, is advantageous to the normal downhole drilling. Mechanical processing method, dilution method and substitution method is more economic, more effective than precipitation.

As people know more about mud cleaner professionals tips, they are gradually aware of the purifying mud necessary mechanical way. In that mud cleaner professionals tips, on the basis of a series of vibrating screen, followed cyclone desander, desilter and other mechanical solids control equipment. More mud cleaner professionals tips: use first cyclone desander mud can be divided into high density bottom stream containing a higher proportion of cuttings and contain less cutting low density of the overflow of two parts, by vibrating screen again to deal with high density slurry containing a higher proportion of cuttings, the action of the vibrating screen got very good play, desanding effect is obvious.

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