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Mud Cleaner Is the Sunrise Industry Nowadays

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Mud cleaner is mainly composed of vibrating mongoose pt screen , tap manifold, and other components of the cyclone, Mud cleaner is used for drilling fluid solids control system of level 3 solids control equipment. Why to choose mud cleaner, it has high separation capacity, extensive separation particle size range; Vortex bottom exit show with pressurized umbrella "wet bottom" row sand making the separation of the particles in the discharge quickly, reduce the probability of bottom jam; Advanced small two mongoose pt screen shale shaker can handle large quantity of mud, it is low noise, mongoose pt screen mesh long life; Symmetrical mechanism makes the liquid in vortex distribution is reasonable, stable work, making it the ideal choice for drilling mud level 3 solid phase control efficient cleaner equipment. Mud cleaner is designed according to the principle of settlement.

Due to poor between coarse grain and fine grain particles (or density difference), drilling fluid through the pump produce certain separation medium pressure and speed, the centrifugal force, the centripetal buoyancy and fluid drag force of different sizes, the centrifugal sedimentation, cyclone center to create a low pressure area, which can have suction effect. Particles goes along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the cyclone wall spiral sink, from the bottom exit eduction, falls below breakdown vibrating mongoose pt screen separation. The rest of the medium has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone by flowing from the overflow pipe. Mud cleaner characteristic is according to the size of the drilling fluid treatment, more than 50-125 from 4 mm a cyclone assumes the circular array, the overflow pipe and the feeding tube diameter is larger, the cone Angle are smaller; Circular permutation group of hydrocyclone used with rectangular recovery of vibrating mongoose pt screen. Because of the utility model has the special characterizes that can improve the ability ti clean mud slurry, the drilling cuttings can promote the separation efficiency. It has characters of simple structure, low cost, move, install and use is very convenient.

Why to choose mud cleaner, because it is an important component of the solid control, its good or bad has a direct impact on the performance of drilling fluid. Levels of solids control equipment abroad regards United States companies as a representative, quality and performance in the world, its high standardization, seriation and specialty are in a advanced level. Why to choose mud cleaner, because on the design of the mud cleaner, they made a lot of improvement in recent years, mainly reflected in the high frequency detail drive mode of vibrating mongoose pt screen, vibrating mongoose pt screen mesh tension method, cross section of the duct flow in a cyclone import fluctuation cone shape, hydrocyclone and lining material, etc. And they have been widely used, which makes the drilling fluid at higher levels of detail and has more stable performance. In recent years, domestic mud purification device has been in various fields gradually promote the use of theoretical research and manufacturing technology level has larger development. Especially on the theoretical research, such as the working principle of vibrating mongoose pt screen, the working principle of cyclone, etc., they have been at or near the world's advanced level.

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