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Mud Agitator Safety Operation Process

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Mud agitator operator shall be responsible for the day-to-day repair, maintenance, check for mud mixers, maintenance, adjustment, tighten, and completes the record, Strict accordance with security technology to give the low-down and operational activity.

Mud agitator operator need receive security technology to give the low-down, acutely aware of its contents, including: stability and Foundation of the mixer, surrounded by pipe, performance and safe operation of mud agitator, mud agitator power safety technologies, mud agitator to daily maintenance and operation of security technology.

Wastewater pretreatment facilities should be set up. Adequacy of the operator should periodically check the oil, when the oil is insufficient, it should be added with the addition of oil near an open flame or smoking is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid fire accidents. Gear box oil, oil is in order. Check the wiring insulation and the switch contact is good.

Agitator platform should be sturdy, installing solid which is placed on a solid foundation. Mud agitator should set up a separate, a good power supply, water supply, drainage, ventilation conditions and environmental protection measures.

Mud agitator operator: before using the machine, users should check the clutch, brakes, safety device components, such as complete is good, no foreign body of the drum, and empty running check that the direction of rotation of the mixing drum and mixed leaves is consistent with Peugeot, confirming the system operation is normal.

After the mud agitator started, mixing Drum reached normal speed on the soil, earth time after adding water, adding a new feed mixer originally mixture should be fully discharged, without intermediate stop or start when loaded with Blender.

Stationary mixer console, the operator should see the work of the ministries. Electric shears, mat rubber sheets or drying wood. When putting the material, mud gun operator is strictly prohibited within the head or his hand into the mixing Drum chops.

When the agitator is running, operator should not leave his post without authorization or by personnel on behalf of operation without a license. If problems are found and it is unable to continue to operate, the operator should immediately cut off the power supply and clear concrete mixing Drum and repair it.

Construction site when you need to check your agitator, cut off power, come into the drum when dealing with obstacles, you must lock the switch box, put "no feed" sign, and there should be someone monitoring outside. When the mud agitator operator stop operating, hopper should be cleaned, switch it off lock boxes, cleaning the machine.

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