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Mud Agitator Maintenance Notes

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They work by generating vortex impeller movement can stir the liquid, thus increasing the stirring effect. Tray in the middle of the blade also prevents mud down around the solid particles deposited on the lower blades, blade precipitate drag torque can be reduced when using this start, thus avoiding overloading the starter motor burn.

Mud agitators installation and maintenance:

1, mud agitator mount horizontally when lifting stirrer and placed in a position smoothly want to install, adjust the concentricity of <0. 39mm M16 after four holes seat welded to the tank, and tighten the base bolts.

2, mud agitator rigid coupling spring pad must be installed and should be robust and reliable, otherwise it will cause waves axle deflection, increased reducer wear.

3, mud agitator operation should be no abnormal sound, cassette, high temperature and other abnormal situations. Otherwise it should be shut down inspection, troubleshooting.

4, the reducer oil level of mud agitators should be maintained, as the oil window in the middle position, the work often makes up the oil. When the scene is not satisfied, the appropriate particle size can also be used with other lubricants.

Mud agitators utility notes for buyers:

1, check whether the mud agitator selection is correct, the actual conditions of use are consistent with the specified conditions of use.

2, the stirrer motor and two hard steel cable protection metal hoses in the mud tanks, to ensure sealing pipe connections.

3, with 0-500V Megger, check the motor three main cable wire insulation resistance of not less than 5 megohms, disabled Megger check control cables, submersible mixer avoid damage to the internal electrical components, and applications multimeter check control cable.

4, if the power supply using the distance from the mud agitator far, considering the line loss, cross-sectional area cable should be increased, the joints should be as little as possible and fittings for sealed to prevent leakage.

5, mud agitator power cable on the ground and control cables should control cabinet (box) wiring head butt one.

6, mud agitator grounding line color line (yellow / green), in order to ensure safety, must be connected securely, and grow than other lines 50mm.

7, stirrer control a fine thick cable of mud agitators, measured with a multimeter off, three of them with two fine pass for temperature measurement signal line, a color line and the signal line does not make sense for the leak.

8, mud agitator before final installation, facing the direction of the impeller, the impeller rotates counterclockwise. If the rotation direction is incorrect exchange position on the control cabinet or terminal box in any of the three-phase line two lines, you can change the direction of rotation. If several mud agitator mixers connect to a control cabinet or terminal box on the mud agitator mixer each station must be checked individually.

9, after the closing, the mud agitator cannot start immediately, should be through mud mixer control system self-test, if there is a fault (flashing alarm or alert warning appears on the cabinet), you should check and troubleshooting, and then only start If the motor does not turn, should quickly and decisively to wind up, you should check the troubleshooting, to avoid damage to the motor.

10, the stirrer of mud agitator started, should observe the motor and circuit voltmeter and ammeter, if abnormal, should immediately stop identifying the reasons for closing the troubleshooting before being re- start.

11, a few mud agitator cannot start together, you should start one by one.

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