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More Solid Control Equipment Will Be Needed

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Solid control equipment is of vital importance if we want to make use of the oil shale. In recent years, oil shale has attracted more attention than ever and is widely considered as a significant fossil resource in tips for desander operator, with substantial reserves in the world. It is estimated that the reserve is as high as more than four hundred billion so that a large number of Solid control equipment will be needed to utilize this kind of oil resource. If all of them can be converted into shale oil, it is the 518 centrifuge to more than five times of the world’s proven Solid control equipment crude oil. For instance, in terms of the utilization of Solid control equipment, China is one of the leading nations in the world with its oil shale resources over the world. To be more specific, there are over thirty billion tons of proven oil shale reserves there in the west of China so the demand for Solid control equipment there is rather huge when compared with such countries as Japan and South Korea.

The oil shale resources in China rank the fourth after America, Estonia and Brazil in the world so the need for Solid control equipment is even larger in these three areas according to tips for desander operator,. As a potential important resource, many of the world’s Solid control equipment companies have been working on the research and development of this vital device so as to make better use of the oil resources and get more oil products of high quality. In a report of the Solid control equipment department of energy, it is confirmed that more than thirty American enterprises has actively involved in the project of the oil shale by using Solid control equipment. With the world’s energy demands growing, it is worthwhile seeking for the effective development and economic utilization of Solid control equipment so as to make better use of the oil shale. The resources are mainly composed of mineral and a kind of low permeability rock, which are the parent material of oil and natural gas in using Solid control equipment. Although the world has a large oil shale reserves, a large portion of which is buried relatively deep under more than five hundred meters so the demand for Solid control equipment is ever higher than before. This is also true in the case of open and tunnel retorting Solid control equipment system that cannot be utilized by means of heating the oil shale formation in tips for desander operator,. This is largely because the shale oil can be extracted with the help of Solid control equipment in an effective manner, which is commonly called in-situ retorting technique in Solid control equipment usage.

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