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Mission Pump’s Application In Western Oil

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Mission pump is a reliable high-power low-cost mud pump. It has a wide application in petroleum industry. It has many types. Mission pump’s unique structural features make it a very long life and very durable.

Mission pump’s unique design of concentric casing and impeller width, demonstrated a wear-resistant, long life characteristics. And the uses of the maintenance costs are very low. Concentric is designed to reduce the vibration and turbulence. It will cause large abrasion when pumped into fluids containing hard solid. This design is also able to alleviate the high load and axial deviation of mission pump .

Wide impeller design of mission pump can reduce the speed of the liquid departing from leaves. Narrow blade design will make the hard solid in the drilling fluid caused a great impact on the leaves, while the wide blade design will not happen this situation. In addition to this, mission pump also has a large load shaft, it’s larger than the average diameter, and also extended the life of the pump. It can even connect the shaft with the transmission girdle to drive the mission pump. Mission pump’s materials mainly are high hardness steel, stainless steel and bronze. It can be driven by a motor, engine or hydraulic motor.

We can provide the whole machine or a separate mission pump head and the accessories, all directions to meet the needs of users. Mission pump is the first one used low-pressure mud pumps that since 1950s. Concentra’s shell design and long life and low maintenance costs make it become the world's major drilling contractors’ choice and has been the same. This design enables the distances between the mission pump shells with the impeller outer diameter are the same. So that the traffic will be very stable, and do not to need worry about the hard solid in the mud damage to the mission pump body? Liquid flow can be controlled at between a few gallons per minute to 1600 gallons per minute. This configuration requires 75 horsepower. Manufacturers can provide the whole or a separate pump head and accessories all directions to meet the needs of users. Its design is more compact and adaptable, can be driven by a hydraulic motor. Therefore, the mission pump’s application is in the oil field’s pressure train and sand cars.

The petrochemical industry is a kind of energy industry, and is the main raw material industry. With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand of oil, and petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricants and other demands are increasing. So the demand for oil pump also increases. Mission pump is the largest amount of rotating equipment in petrochemical production facilities. It is like the human heart to pump blood to every part of body to send various liquid medias such as crude oil, oil products, chemical raw materials, intermediate products and finished products transported to other places. The medium pressure delivered by the mission pump vacuum to 300MPa, the temperature is from -140℃ to 500℃. So we pay more attention to study how to improve the life, reliability and corrosion resistance of the mission pump, to improve the economic efficiency of petrochemical.

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