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Mission Pump Has Various Advantages

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Mission pump refers to a kind of machine that transfers mud or other kinds of flushing fluid during the drilling process. It is an important part of Mission pump. Mission pump is usually used in the drilling cycle. It transfers surface washing medium, which includes water, polymer mud or fluid under pressure, and brings them to the bottom of the drill through the pressure hose, faucet and drill string center hole. The result of this process is that the drill will be cooled and the rock that is cut down will be cleared and transported to the surface of the ground. Today, we will talk about mission pump advantages.

Commonly, mission pump is a piston type machine or a plunger type machine, and the rotary pump will be driven by a power machine. This rotary pump will then drive the piston to do the reciprocating move through a crosshead. Under this action of alternating suction and discharge, this machine manages to achieve the purpose of circulating fluid. A mission pump is able to convey particles of high concentration and high viscosity (no more than 10000PaS) and a suspension containing particles. The liquid flow is stable and there will be no flow, no pulsation, no mixing and no shearing. However, the speed will not be influenced by the pressure of discharge; instead, low flow can make discharge pressure high. Its flow speed depends on the rotation rate and this is another one of the mission pump advantages. Even if there is a low flow, the transmission pressure will still be high. It also has a strong self-priming capacity, and does not need a bottom valve to suck liquid. The Solid control system can be reversed, its liquid flow could change according to a change in the direction of rotation, and this is used under the anti-pipeline washing occasions. Normally, the mission pump could achieve smooth running, small vibration and small noise. Mission pump advantages also refer to simple structure and convenient installation, disassembly and repair. Among various types of mission pump, the I-1B type strong pump is widely used in chemical field, pharmaceutical field, brewing field, paper-making field, food making field and so on. The construction unit shall have the special repair personnel; these people will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the mission pump.

There should be regular check and routine maintenance, so that the problems will be solved as soon as possible and downtime will be avoided. Unlike sewage pump, one of the mission pump advantages is that it allows the liquid that runs through it to contain mud or sand. But the size of the particles should be paid attention. If the particle is too large, you need to check out the condition of flimsy parts timely, and get ready for repair or replacement. The main pump casing, impeller and the bearing of a mission pump are vulnerable parts that are easily damaged, so these parts need to be checked first. The use of advanced anti-wear measures will greatly improve the service life of wearing parts; these can reduce the engineering investment and improve production efficiency.

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